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Livonia Hall of Fame

Every year the date of the annual 1835 Livonia City Hall of Fame is circled bright red on the calendar of many Livonia residents. This year is no exception--on the first Thursday in October. The Induction Ceremony has been the gathering place for an incredible community of creative thinkers and innovators, the source of so much of what has been given to Livonia since our incorporation as a Township in 1835 and as a City in 1950.

A Brief History of Our Livonia Hometown

The area that is now Livonia was originally inhabited by Potowatami Indians. Rich soil and abundant harvests had first attracted pioneers from New England and New York to this area. They brought with them a new way of life and perhaps the very name "Livonia" - the name of a town in New York State, Pennsylvania State and a region of the Baltic Sea comprising present day Estonia and Latvia.

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