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He's conservative. Ideologically conservative. Congressman Paul Ryan is his model. The typewriter is an unabashed liberal. Philosophically liberal. Senator Bernie Sanders is my model.
I had known Congressman Thaddeus McCotter with his intellectual condescension for years. Short-termed Congressman Kerry Bentivolio was at best an enigma. So I set out to meet and learn about my new member of Congress, first term Congressman Dave Trott.
As I sat for over an hour talking, listening to Dave Trott while drinking my sweet tea at Little Daddy's in Southfield I realized I was in over my head. Trust me that does not happen often. I found myself rambling as he sat there succinctly answering each question directly, being thoughtful and considerate. I sensed that his consistency of thought and comfort in his own skin provided him with a depth of knowledge and belief that would hold up to most any situation. Especially when confronted with the typewriter.
Highly unusual for a man who graduated from Duke with his law degree. My family is UNC Tar Heel. So I had that to overcome. And I had never met him, rarely read news articles about him and had not heard of him being in my hometown. I know that comes from having such a gerrymandered district, 27 communities with over 200 elected officials and one typewriter, but it was important to me to meet our Congressman.
He had called me and set up the time to meet. He wasn't going to Cleveland so it was appropriate to meet up with me. That's what I told myself anyway. I was ready but not for the impression I came away with.
He knows what he believes in and he seems to be a man with ideas, who studies, strives to be prepared for congressional hearings but the center of the political spectrum is not his home base. He has more to lose from the right wing of his party than he does from the democrats. He has a brand based on honest adherence to a studied, ingrained conservatism.
A lifelong resident of Southeast Michigan, Trott lives in Birmingham with his wife, Kappy. They have three children. He now represents a district ranging from Troy to Canton. He prefers to say that the district despite the geographic diversity of communities "share common values. Jobs, the economy, the size of government and debt."
He likes to point out that he is not a career Washington politician. As a business owner he learned what it takes to make tough decisions and balance a budget. It was in this career in business that he says strengthened his dedication to conservative principles.
According to Roll Call in November 2015 his successful business was started in the late 1980s, when he transformed his parent's law office, Trott & Trott, into a "vertically integrated real estate behemoth that now has 1,800 employees. The firm became one of the biggest in the nation representing banks and other residential lenders with portfolios of bad mortgages."
He is listed as the 6th wealthiest member of Congress with a net worth of $73.5 million. But I was not here to discuss the foreclosure issue or his wealth. I just wanted to get to know him as I had with Dr Anil Kumar last week.
His priorities are balancing the budget, ending Washington's wasteful spending, and giving more power back to our local communities.
Our congressional district has two distinctively different candidates, Kumar and Trott. An incumbent with solid conservative positions staked out and espoused. A challenger with solid progressive positions staked out and espoused. The tragedy is that both will campaign with oversized postcards filled with mantras and cliches defining substantive issues in 2-3 sentences. Citizens lose when we have to make decisions based on banal utterings put together by marketing firms.
There is a depth and quality to both. Republicans who are a majority in the district will surely like Trott. Democrats will line up with Kumar. It all boils down to the independent voter and how they feel about the hot button issues and their perceptions of how the candidate will deal with them.
The real issue with Dave Trott is what room will there be for a real conversation open to compromise should the Democrats win the White House and the republicans maintain Congress. Compromise and cooperation is needed. Will be needed. To return us to a government that works.
Oh, and Kerry Bentivolio is running as an independent. And no, I have no interest in meeting Bentivolio. And yes, Trott paid for my tea.
Happy Birthday photographer son Paul Joyner of Denver fame

Excel in America

Ron Reinke former director of the Livonia Parks and Recreation Department writes to let us know that Bien Park was named for the late Herman C. (Chuck) Bien.

Chuck was a member of the the Parks and Recreation Commission, on which he served from the mid 1970's until his death in 2005.

He was Chairman of the Commission for 20+ years.
Keeps on defining Livonia
Art in the Park
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The Month of July

In July, the Fine Arts Gallery located on the second floor of the Livonia Civic Center Library will feature work from the Darlene Reynolds a.k.a. REDD FOX-ZZ. The exhibit is titled "Redd Fox-zz World of Talking Art" and is open to the public from July 3rd- July 29th.

Wilson Barn Farmer's Market
Every Saturday

Thursday, July 21, 7:00

Cosmic Groove Band.
A Variety of Dance Music

July 22-23 @ 7:30
Madonna University's student production of Hansel & Gretel

July 22-23 @ 7:00
Paul's Players present
A Midsummer Nights Dream

July 23
10:00 - 3:00

Livonia Historical Commission
One Day Trunk Sale
Greenmead Village

July 24
10:30 - 2:00

St. Edith Catholic Church
Blood Drive

July 28, 2016, 7:00 pm
Trilogy. Trilogy's wide-ranging song list features an amazing number of the most beloved dance hits spanning 5 decades and many genres.

July 29 - 30
Paul's Players presents
Into the Woods Jr.

July 28 - August 29
FridayMusings shut down
4 weeks of mental health, rehabilitation holiday

The Month of August

Barbara Eko Murphy is presenting a solo show at Livonia City Hall.

Strike a Pose is a collection of her drawings and paintings from life.
August 2-30 weekdays ...9-5.
Title of this painting:
Old Age is Not For Sissies.

August 5 - 6
St. Andrews Society of Detroit
Highland Games
Greenmead Village

Livonia's Art District is a unique, nationally known art and cultural collaboration with over 18 organizations promoting and supporting the arts, history and culture in this thriving suburban hometown.

Click on the names.

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Errors are made and happily corrected. But just remember that the typewriter is not receiving financial aid from McLean, Virginia, doesn't have a publisher in Lansing, Michigan or an editor in Novi, Michigan. Just me sitting at the Musings Estate.
So keep the comments coming in. If you can do better, go for it.
18720 Blue Skies
Livonia 48152
Congratulations 2016 Hall of Fame
Congratulations continue to come in.
Schoolcraft College, a major player in the history of Livonia offers their congratulations to the
Livonia City Hall of Fame Class of 2016.

Wow. So much art in Livonia.
When asked by Bryan Elum what this painting by Susan Parker Stewart meant she replied that, "I see a corybantic display of musically induced exuberance! It means everything and it means nothing. I hope that when you look at it, it makes you smile. Imagine it as the perfect album cover for a jazz influenced Bryan Elum CD."
It never ceases to amaze the typewriter how many people appreciate and participate in art. Right here in our hometown. From the hobbyist to careerist to the professional. In this case I came across a facebook posting of Susan Parker Stewart, president of the Rotary AM club, and one word came to mind, "wow."
Mr. Mayor it is time to convene a hometown art summit
Just keeps on defining Livonia
and integrate art into the culture of Livonia. Maybe even adopt outdoor art on every corner.
And Susan Parker Stewart let me say it again, "Wow."
Patricia Koepke Rejoins Cole, Newton & Duran CPAs as Audit Manager
After an eight-year hiatus, Patricia Koepke has rejoined Cole, Newton & Duran CPAs (CND) as an audit manager. Prior to joining CND, Patricia was an audit manager at a local accounting firm in Ann Arbor. She holds a bachelor's degree in Accounting from Eastern Michigan University.

"We are excited to welcome Pat back to Cole, Newton & Duran," said Cole, Newton & Duran's managing partner Art Cole. "As a certified public accountant, Pat will provide clients with value-added knowledge. Our clients will benefit greatly from her depth and breadth of experience working with businesses in a variety of industries."

Pat has more than 25 years of experience in public accounting. Her experience includes providing accounting and tax services such as compilations, reviews, audits, and tax preparation for individuals and businesses. Pat has experience working with clients in the not-for-profit, manufacturing, retail, and professional services industries. She is a member of the Michigan Association of Certified Public Accountants and the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants.
Two cents
Eno Gniewek at arts reception
Donna Eno, Livonia Arts Commissioner: Since the Arts Commission is responsible for the environmental sculpture, I was curious what you had in mind for a 25 year celebration, Please include us in any of your plans.

Also, wondering how Music From the Heart could be made more of an "event". Since that's the Commission's signature contribution to the community, let us also know how we may be able to help.
(typewriter: we have an active Arts Commission and I enjoy covering the members and the activities. Just passing along a few ideas.)

Colleen Burton in a phone call: I agree with you on Killing Reagan Burton, Colleen and highly recommend Rawhide Down by Del Quentin Wilber. Rawhide was the President's secret service name and the book tells the story from different perspectives of people involved on the day of the shooting. (typewriter: went right out and ordered it. Thanks.)

Lauren Bernhardt: I've been working on the congressional campaign for Dr. Kumar who is running in the 11th district. I was just wondering if you would be interested in doing a one on one meeting with me/the regional field director for Wayne County? We will also have events throughout the campaign season, though I know you've met Dr. Kumar--I've seen your article in Friday Musings.

Richard Gaskill: Would the dogs (in the new dog park) allow the fly boys (model airplane group) to do their planes in their park? (typewriter: it might be big enough for the two of us. Actually it is huge.)

Chris Swish, Community Resources: Enjoy reading your Musings. One correction.........The Thursday Concert Program was renamed in 2006 to "Music From The Heart". It was renamed when the program was moved to the Civic Center campus. See attached postcard from 2006. I realize that some still refer it by the old name when it moved around the City.
(typewriter: my bad. I still refer it to as Under the Stars and sometimes catch myself. I actually like From the Heart.)

Jim Fausone Jim Fausone: I would like to invite you to help spread the word about the 7th Annual Veterans Summit sponsored by my firm and Canton Community Foundation.
This year the event will be held on Tuesday September 20th at Westland's City Hall on Warren.
Based on past years we would expect 100+ people in attendance. The crowd is composed of veterans, family members and friends.
If you have any questions please let me know. Thank you for your assistance.

Join Bob Hardies and Dan Maciver in telling your friends that Livonia is a great hometown !!!

Hometown theatre excellence
Into the Woods Jr. July 29 & 30
Just keeps on defining Livonia
For tickets to this and other Paul's Players
productions call:
Livonia to host the 167th Annual St. Andrew's Society Highland Games

Greenmead brings in the crowds again. How cool.
Friday, August 5th and 6th.
The 167th St. Andrew's Society of Detroit High Games.
The oldest in North America.


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