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Only in Musings this coming Monday, Oct 24th:  It is time for the State to 
investigate the  Branch Line Charter School
Only in Musings next Thursday, Oct 27th:  How does a hometown communicate 
without  hometown newspaper?
Above the fold
You gotta like Art Cole. No sooner had I walked into the Cole, Newton & Duran office building then I was handed an iced tea. Not in a paper cup. Not a can. A glass with ice. I knew I was going to like my visit to this Livonia company built on the premise of service, to their clients and to the community. 
Now, let's discuss catfish, hush puppies and brewed sweet tea.
Cole, a graduate of Michigan State University with an MBA from the University of Detroit, calls Livonia his home, living in the same house in the historic district of Rosedale Gardens for over 30 years while building one of the 15 largest CPA firms in southeast Michigan. 
With the recent addition of two firms, Michael Thomas CPA of Novi and Bartos, Hoffer, Lustig and Tomes of Livonia, CND continues to build a full service company based on an old fashioned concept of service. "We may do the taxes for an individual or a company but we are always looking to help. It could be with offering legal, investment or auditing advice. We are always looking to see how we can answer their questions and provide the help they need."
This goes beyond clients as Cole knows that helping clients and helping the community are a part of "cultivating a positive company culture. Each time we expand we know that the service we provide for clients can only be good if we grow with the right people while creating a culture of talent and giving."
You have a sense in talking with Cole that by   giving back to a community while engaging his employees offers both the company and the employee with an opportunity to share personal and common values while moving the company toward a common goal.
Cole sets the example by working with his church, Rosedale Gardens Presbyterian, and non-
profits like Angela Hospice and Seedlings; helping them succeed. "Help" is a word that you heard constantly in a conversation with Cole. Helping clients. Helping organizations. Helping the community.
This might be a reason why CNP has grown from its start 50 years ago to over 4,000 clients today, 2,500 individuals and 1,500 businesses. "Two genuinely good men started the company, Dick Newton who passed away eight years ago, and Ken Duran who just retired, were extremely positive. I left private banking, originally with Detroit Bank and Trust and when I joined with Dick and Ken it was the right time and right fit."
Cole, Newton and Duran today offers a full array of expert accounting, tax planning and preparation for individuals, businesses and not-for-profits. They also are specialists in audits and financial statement preparation for most industries.
Several CND staff members enjoyed an outing with the Tigers
As CND adds new companies to their umbrella of services they are developing a template that finds a common thread that builds a meaningful and successful culture.
CND under the leadership of Cole provides a full line of services to his 4,000 clients and with each addition to
the company he is making sure that the companies added enhance the service provided to clients.
As their homepage says on their website "we have built our firm from the roots up, proudly serving our community as well as the greater Detroit metro area and beyond."
O n opening day the staff at CND enjoy an annual tailgate lunch for the new season
Simply words on other websites but after spending time with Art Cole you realize that "serving" is the operative word and that it runs throughout the company.
Right here in Livonia, one of the largest CPA firms in the region, creating a template of giving back, to clients, to the community, and meaning it. 
Thanks for the iced tea by the way.
Below the fold but still front page
Musings recently reported on Frank and Janet Kokenakes who as we headed into fall packed all their furniture in a storage unit, at least the items they were not keeping, quit their jobs and headed out for an around the world trip. 
Hear that again. Quit. . .their. . .jobs. . .around. . .the. . .world.
Well here is a 30 day update. They left Machu Picchu in Peru last Friday and went straight to the Amazon and have had no electricity or wifi for 4 days and now Janet's new Mac air is not working!! 
But all is well and they are in an airport waiting to get on an all night bus out of Cusco Peru.
They expect to get up to speed with notes on their blog in next two days in Aerequipa Peru. Janet says that they have some cool stuff but a troublesome computer. "Tell our friends to be patient."
If you would like to check out the progress on their one year tour of the world log onto their blog by clicking here.
Livonia's Fitness reputation extends far beyond our borders.
Click on the names and find out more
The Month of 
Frank and Janet Kokanakes continue their one year trip around the world. Follow their story in Peru by clicking here
All month Wilson Barn
Pumpkin Fest  Wilson Barn
All month Kiwanis new and gently used shoe collections
Every Tuesday throughout the school year you can volunteer to help, click here Blessings in a Backpack
October 20
Kathleen McIntyre Fundraiser
Andiamo's Livonia
October 21
Musical Jubilee
Livonia Democratic Club
Steve King & Dittlies
Burton Manor
October 21
6:30 - 9:30
Southern Soiree
Livonia Symphony Orchestra
Dinner, music, auction
Laurel Manor
October 21
5:00 - 7:30
Halloween Walk @
Advanced tickets only
October 22
League of Women Voters
Annual Fall Auction
View items 11:00 - 11:30
Bid on items 11:30 - 1:30
October 22
9:00 - 11:00
30,000 Meals being packed
St. Edith's Church
October 24
5:00 - 6:30
Dedication of our
Franklin High School
Performing Arts Center
October 25
7:00 - 9:00
Bennett Civic Center Library
Wayne County Judicial Candidates sponsored by the Livonia Bar Association
October 27
7:30 AM
Councilman Jim Jolly
Senate Coney Island
October 28
6:00 - 8:00
Spooky Swim
Kirksey Recreation Center
The Month of November
All month Kiwanis new and gently used shoe collections
November 1-14
Seedlings On-Line Auction
November 3
The typewriter is off to Denver for a weekend with Paul and his bride, Raquel
November 3
7:00 - 9:00
Livonia Community Foundation
Beer and Wine Festival
One Under Craft Beer and Eats
November 5
Rosedale Red, White & Blue
5K Fun Run/Walk
Proceeds to LSO
November 5
6 week Lego Challenge for
Young Engineers begins
Livonia YMCA
November 6
"Celebrate Freedom"
Benefit Concert for Veterans
Livonia Civic Chorus
Free @ Rosedale Gardens
Presbyterian Church
November 8
7:00 - 8:00
Election Day
Vote early/Vote Often
November 12
27th Annual
Tail Wagger's Bowling
Woodland Lanes
November 17 & 18 & 19
Steel Magnolia's
Paul's Players
November 19
2:00 - 4:00
Bowling for Backpacks
November 19
7:00 - 11:00
Livonia Kids & Families
Fundraiser @ One Under
November 29
12:00 - 1:30
Livonia Education Foundation
7th Annual Luncheon
St. Mary's Cultural Center
The Month of December
December 3
Spirit of the Season
Livonia Symphony Orchestra w/
Angie Hahn Academy of Dance
Clarenceville High School
Louis Schmidt Auditorium
December 11
9:30 - 11:30
Breakfast with Santa
Archie's fundraiser for
Livonia Kids & Families
December 18
Holiday Concert
Livonia Civic Chorus
Clarenceville High School
Click for movie times.
Livonia's Art District  is a unique, nationally known art and cultural collaboration with over 18 organizations promoting and supporting the arts, history and culture in this thriving suburban hometown. 
Click on the names. 
O'Malley's Bar and Grill
Candidates to be voted on in November
Where the names are highlighted in blue simply click to the name to connect with their campaign website. 
(I) designates incumbent. 
  (*) designates Musings endorsement.
Hillary Clinton (D)     
Donald Trump (R)
Gary Johnson (Libertian)     
Jill Stein (Green Party)
Regional Transit
Musings has endorsed a YES* vote in support of developing regional transit system
Congress District 11
Dave Trott (R) (I)    
Kerry Bentivolio (Independent)
State Representative District 19
Laura Cox (R) (I)     
County Commissioner District 9
Terry Marecki (R) (I)    
County Commissioner District 8
Diane Webb (D) (I)
Wayne County  Circuit Court Judge
Four to be elected
Musings endorses as the top three to be considered:
Brian Morrow*   Melissa Cox*      Matthew Evans*
Musings recommends that your fourth ballot be cast for 1 of 2
Kelly Ramsey      Robert Ficano
Musings cannot recommend a vote for these 3 candidates
 Regina Thomas       Thomas Hathaway       Wanda Evans 
Livonia  Board of Education
Four to be elected
Musings endorses as the top four to be considered:
Tamara Bonifield (I)*    
 Karen Bradford* 
Crystal Frank*      
 Daniel Centers (I)*
Jason Anderson      
Kylie Anderson 
Donald Glance     
  Jody Rice-White 
Clarenceville  Board of  Education
Five to be elected with only four on the ballot
Matthew Boettcher (I)    
  Shari Krazel (I)
Brenda Uren (I)     
Mark Brooks (I)
Schoolcraft College Trustee
Two to be elected
Musings endorses as the top two to be considered:
Jim Fausone (I)*     
Carol Strom (I)*
William Erwin, Jr.
Excel in Livonia 
Frost eighth-grade musicians joined the Churchill Charger Marching Band last week to form the largest band in Livonia history. 247 band members putting on quite a show. Congrats.
Acknowledge Exceptional Livonia
  Joe Neussendorfer 
Joe Neussendorfer has purchased screening rights to a new movie "Bridging Urban America" on the life of Polish Civil Engineer Ralph Modjeski. He was a partner at one time with Livonia's Alfred Noble. They had an affiliation on the Ambassador Bridge project. He is hoping to set up a showing of the movie with a side lecture on the history of Alfred Noble at the Robert and Janet Bennett Civic Center Library.
He is hoping to show the film during National Engineers Week February 19-25. This would be part of a annual campaign in Livonia to promote the value of civil engineers toward improving our way of life.
Discover the secrets of Livonia
Appearing exclusively in each issue of FridayMusings.
Two cents
Bob Carris: I know you have given an 'OK" to Kelly Ramsey for judge, I would ask that you give her some additional promotion for Wayne County Circut COurt Judge. Kelly seems to have more and varied experience than candidate Melissa Cox (whom I also support). 
Kelly Ramsey: Referee (judge) in Wayne County Circuit court family division 23 years Staff atty,  Assistant Wayne Cty Prosecutor, Special Asst Atty Gen for State of Michigan re sexual assault cases,  Member of statewide task force on child abuse.
Karen Smith: I was out of town the past few days so I just saw your Musings plug for our auction. Thank you! We appreciate all you do to get the word out about Seedlings' events! Many who attended our Open House read about it in Musings, and I know many who donated an item for our auction or who plan to bid on items when it is open Nov. 1-14 learned about it from Musings. Again, many thanks!
Jack Engebretson: As always, I enjoyed reading Musings and LSO conductor was particularly interested in the 10/23 piece on Volodymyr Shesiuk.  While we can't get to lots of the Livonia Symphony performances, we have been to enough to be able to absorb the energy and talent of those musicians. I had the privilege of "moderating" a special presentation (while mayor) that involved being with the orchestra for many practice sessions. They really do work hard as you know. Nobody works harder than Volodymyr. Even during the practice sessions he puts in so much energy and demands such perfection that he sometimes would break into a sweat but would never miss a beat. I really admire him.
Spooky times at the YMCA
We are all invited to join the Livonia YMCA for their annual Halloween at the Y SPOOKTACULAR. They will be hosting this event on October 22nd from 6 pm to 8 pm. There will be spooky stories, games, give aways, and yes, a haunted house. Fun for the families and children of all ages.

Trunk and Treat October 30
Livonia Civic Chorus 
Free Celebrate Freedom Concert
Honoring first responders & veterans

Livonia engineering education starts early 
This program integrates LEGO with scientific and mathematical principles in a fun and exciting way. Teaching is conducted using customized LEGO kits, motors, gears and batteries. This program utilizes an edutainment approach combining education and entertainment .
Classes are held at the Livonia YMCA for six weeks with classes starting on Saturday, November 5. Start time is 2:45 and the end time is 4:00
The program is designed for grades 1 - 5. The six classes have a tuition cost of $93.00. 
Contact the Livonia YMCA for more information or to enroll.
Supporting our Community Foundation

Red, White and Blue 5K Fun Run
The concert of the year. Right here in Livonia.
Get your $25 tickets today by calling 
Janice Newsome at 734-466-8820
or emailing at 
Another reason to vote November 8
FridayMusings made our school board endorsements in September. Just as a reminder while people are focused on the national election we need to pay attention to the down ballot candidates. Whether you support these candidates or others please vote the entire ticket. Only in FridayMusings.

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