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Neary, LiamFactoid: most Livonia residents know Liam Neary as the driving force behind the historic Redford Theatre--a gem for all of southeast Michigan with its beautiful and elegant interior that brings back memories of the glory days of movie going.

It was approximately 20 years ago that Liam Neary signed the first contract to bring the Highland Games to Livonia and our historic Greenmead Village.

And as they say the rest is history. Thanks, Liam Neary, shown here with wife Charlotte. Sometimes we should pause and thank those who took the first step. Pause. Thank you. See you at the Games this weekend. Now if only you could get them to sell sweet tea then I would really pause and say thanks.

Candidates for Livonia August Primary Election

Brian Meakin
Contributions 31,865
Expenses 22,130
John Pastor
Contributions 22,065
Expenses 27,508
Dennis Wright
Contributions 24,750
Expenses 16,367
Leo Weber
Contributions NR
Expenses NR
$13,428 raised to date
Lynda Scheel
Contributions 13,428 Expenses 6,415
Dale Owings
Link: none found
Contributions NR
Expenses NR

Gerald Perez

Contributions NR
Expenses NR
City Clerk
Brian Duggan
2,247 contributions
1,279 expenses
Steven Johnson
Link: none found

Contributions NR
Expenses NR

Susan Nash
8,300 contributions
7,853 expenses
Eileen McDonnell
3,625 contributions
2317 expenses
City Council
Vote for up to four with the top eight advancing to November.
Jim Jolly
4,150 contributions
3,943 expenses
Jeremy Curtis
1,860 contributions
1,686 expenses
Brett Gierak
13,530 contributions
5,439 expenses
Brandon Kritzman
14,607 contributions
7108 expenses
Seth McRobb
Scott Bahr
10,655 contributions
3,895 expenses
Stacey Dogonski
50 contributions
0 expenses
Kathleen McIntyre
11,645 contributions
7,497 expenses
Tim Klisz
8,838 contributions
6,724 expenses
Ken Crider

Contributions 4965
Expenses 1669

Steve King
Contributions NR
Expenses NR
Cathy White
FB: No link found
10,705 contributions
(8,600 loan)
1,963 expenses
Craig Pastor
FB: no link found
4,575 contributions
2,236 expenses
Tom Berry
FB: No link found

Contributions NR
Expenses NR

Christopher Martin
FB: no link found

Contributions NR
Expenses NR

Lucas McGrail
FB: no link found

159 contributions
50 expenses
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HeARTbeat of Michigan
$191,969 raised to date
With the deadline for campaign reports on July 19th,16 days before the primary election on August 4th, candidates have a tendency to hold fundraisers and expend money the last week so that the money is not reported prior to the primary.

With the election on August 4th candidates know that the total raised and expended will be reported after the primary and chances are will not be reported or will be reported during the peak of summer vacation.

Voters will not have an opportunity to really get a picture of how money influences local elections until it is too late for the primary and after the absentee ballots are mailed in the general election.

If you would like to check out how much money candidates raise and who donated and how much they spend, here is the link for you to connect to the Wayne County election office. Simply click here, fill out the position being sought and the candidate name. You can check on the pre-primary, post-primary, pre-general or post-general filings.

With the filing deadline for the pre-primary election reports being July 19th, the following candidates have not filed their report as of July 29:

Mayor: Leo Weber
Clerk: Steven Johnson
Treasurer: Dale Owings, Gerald Perez
City Council: Seth McRobb, Tom Berry,
Christopher Martin, Steve King
Total campaign contributions have been reported for
the following positions:

Mayor: $78,680
Clerk: $14,172
Treasurer: $13,428
Council: $85,6989
Total raised to date for all positions in the City of Livonia as reported to the Wayne County Clerk's Office: $191,969.
The typewriter is estimating that another $20,000 will be reported in the post-primary reports along with $250,000 to be raised and reported for the general election--bringing our total election spending to nearly $500,000.
Endorsements offered up for the August 4th Livonia primary election
FridayMusings. . .
has endorsed for Livonia City Council Scott Bahr, Stacey Dogonski, Brett Gierak, Jim Jolly, Steve King, Tim Klisz, Brandon Kritzman, Kathleen E. McIntyre as eight candidates voters should consider. It is the feeling of this typewriter that these eight will give us the best field of candidates in years and will spark a serious discussion about our future as a hometown.
For City Clerk the best campaign for November would include City Councilwoman Susan Nash and School Trustee Eileen McDonnell.
For Treasurer Lynda Scheel was endorsed for both the primary and general election.
The Livonia Democratic Club. . .

has endorsed for Council these eight candidates: Stacey Dogonski, Brett Gierak, Steve King, Tim Klisz, Jim Jolly, Kathleen McIntyre, Luke McGrail, Cathy White.
For Treasurer they have endorsed Lynda Scheel.
The Club has endorsed Brian Meakin and Dennis Wright for Mayor. For Clerk Brian Duggan and Eileen McDonnell.

Our hometown newspaper the Livonia Observer. . .

has recommended "voters choose Brian Meakin or Dennis Wright, both of whom are dedicated to Livonia, have worked hard as volunteers for the betterment of the city, and have business and municipal experience."

has endorsed Lynda Scheel for City Treasurer. For Clerk they have endorsed Susan Nash and Eileen McDonnell.

They have endorsed 9 candidates for Livonia City Council suggesting that "voters have plenty of choices, which is good but can also be overwhelming.

"We would like to see any of the following candidates advance to the general election:
Scott Bahr, Stacey Dogonski, Brett Gierak, Jim Jolly, Steve King, Tim Klisz, Brandon Kritzman, Kathleen E. McIntyre and Cathy K. White for the following reasons:
Bahr - Bahr is principled and committed to Livonia, where he was born and raised and has chosen to raise his own family. He wants to see the city attract and retain other young families like his by keeping the crime rate and taxes low and continuing to provide great services. He is a member of the Livonia Planning Commission and Livonia Community Marketing Consortium.
Dogonski - Dogonski, the Democratic nominee for 19th District State representative last November, is articulate and understands the issues. She is a resident of the south side of town, where she serves as president of the Clements Circle Civic Association. As a member of the Livonia PTSA Council executive board, she will help with communication between the city and school district.
Gierak - A political newcomer, Gierak grew up in the Clarenceville School District section of Livonia, an oft underrepresented area of the city. As a young family man and blue-collar worker, Gierak would bring a fresh perspective to council. He has the endorsement of Livonia City Council President Maureen Brosnan, Livonia City Councilwoman Laura Toy, and former state Sen. Glenn Anderson.
Jolly - A former magistrate for 16th District Court, Jolly is an attorney in Livonia who also works for Lawrence Technological University. His priorities include attracting more young families to Livonia by creating programing and events that meet their needs and get them involved in the community. His ideas include more community festivals, such as an art or strawberry festival.
King - A perennial candidate, King is probably best known as the frontman of Steve King & the Dittlies classic rock band. King served on the Livonia school board and ran unsuccessfully for city council and the state House. On the school board, he thought outside of the box and was not afraid to vote against the administration's recommendation if he didn't agree with it. A graduate of Bentley High School, King is passionate about the city and says he would work to create downtown space, specifically at Five Mile and Farmington.
Klisz - An attorney with an office in Livonia, Klisz has lived in the city since he was 2. He and his wife, Deanna, also a nearly lifelong resident, chose to raise their family here, too. Klisz offers some unique ideas including a citywide Wi-Fi network with free access in city buildings, parks and sporting arenas and developing Greenmead Historical Park into a "downtown" since it already has the feel and look of a downtown.
Kritzman - The only incumbent running, Kritzman would provide stability on the council. He has earned the respect of community leaders and citizens alike. His accomplishments include designing the Larry Nehasil Park and the Fallen Heroes Monument. If Kritzman receives the most votes, he would become the council president for the next two years. He has the vision and knowledge to be an effective leader who would bring positive change to the community.
McIntyre - McIntyre is energetic and would be a fully engaged member of council, carefully studying the issues before making decisions. A former Zoning Board of Appeals member and a current Planning Commission member, she completed the Michigan State University Political Leadership program as a fellow. Her experience as a Regional Director of Governmental Affairs for Ford Motor Co. has helped her learn how government and business can effectively work together.
White - As the retired chief assistant city attorney, White has a deep understanding of Livonia and its issues and institutional knowledge that would be useful for newer members of council. As an attorney, she thoroughly analyzes problems, knows what questions to ask and would be a good coalition builder. She supports the idea of a business roundtable to assist with economic development and would like to see the city offer more services online."
Bluegrass, celtic, folk and foolishness
Many Livonia residents know the Senate Coney Island on Plymouth Road because of owner George, longtime community supporter.

But they also know George and the Northville Senate Restaurant on Haggerty Road just south of Six Mile.

What you might not know is that he will occasionally offer up musical entertainment. This Friday night at the Haggerty Road Senate you can enjoy The Delivery Boys with their bluegrass, celtic and random acts of foolishness.

Oh yes, and in case you thought that members of the Livonia Civic Chorus simply take a break during the summer you should know that the Delivery Boys features one of their members, Jim Hovey.

Stop by Friday, July 31,between 6 and 10, for dinner, a drink and some enjoyable entertainment. Stay 40 minutes or 4 hours. I think you might enjoy it.
Summer in the City. Livonia City that is.
July 30

Music From the Heart @ 7:00
Steve King & the Dittilies

Music on Five
@ 7:00
Soul sensation Benny Reeves (Motor City legend), sings with the Paul Carey organ trio
August 1
Farmer's Market
Historic Wilson Barn
July 30, 31,
August 1 @ 7:30

Paul's Players presents
Fiddler on the Roof
July 31
August 1

Highland Games
Greenmead Village
August 4

Vote early and vote often by telling all your friends and neighbors
August 11

Greenmead Village hosts the Circus
4:30 and 7:30




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