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Livonia Save Our Youth is a coalition with a mission to educate and empower the Livonia community regarding the health and safety of our children with a focus on alcohol and other drugs. The coalition includes parents, teens, educators, health care workers, law enforcement, the faith community, and substance abuse professionals.

We have a tendency to hold one of two feelings about drug use and abuse. I tend to fall into the category that says "if I don't see it there is not a problem." Others accept every statistic and internet meme as truth regardless of how it is supported or backed up.

The National Institute of Drug Abuse report, Monitoring the Future 2014, and "survey of drug use and attitudes among American 8th, 10th, and 12th graders continued to show encouraging news about youth drug use, including decreasing use of alcohol, cigarettes, and prescription pain relievers; no increase in use of marijuana; decreasing use of inhalants and synthetic drugs, including K2/Spice and bath salts; and a general decline over the last two decades in the use of illicit drugs.

"However, the survey highlighted growing concerns over the high rate of e-cigarette use and softening of attitudes around some types of drug use, particularly decreases in perceived harm and disapproval of marijuana use."

I think I have a perspective from one who lives alone, lives in a safe community with a low crime rate, based on statistics not anecdotes, and a professional police department that I have trust in. But maybe that blinds me to the actual problem and gives me reason to ignore a real problem.

Save Our Youth Coalition is one that obviously is tuned into the issue of drug and substance abuse in Livonia. But the level of consciousness about this issue or the
organization does not rise to the level of knowledge among the vast majority of my neighbors. If they talk about it the discussion usually starts with "I've heard," or "did you see the news about Connecticut."

Councilman Jim Jolly, with three young children, called the other day to give me a heads up on a
"Run 2 Save Our Youth - 2016" which is a 5K, 10K run, a 5K non-timed walk and a Free Kid's Fun Run.

The Livonia Police Department once again is sponsoring the June 4th Run 2 Save Our Youth, the 9th annual run starting out at City Hall to benefit the Livonia Save Our Youth Coalition! All proceeds benefit LSOY substance abuse prevention activities in our community.
CLICK HERE TO REGISTER ONLINE with online registration on available until June 01, 2016. An additional fee applies for online registration.
CLICK HERE FOR MAIL-IN REGISTRATION FORM. Register by May 22 for t-shirt guarantee. Teams are asked to register by May 22. Checks should be made to Livonia Save Our Youth.
Early Packet Pick-up - Fri. June 3, 5-8 LSOY Office
7:00 a.m. - Registration / Packet Pickup 8:00 a.m. - Kids' Fun Run!
8:30 a.m. - 5k/10k Run 5k Non-Timed Walk
Awards & Family Expo following race: Food for all Participants, Kids' Games and Bounce House, Tin Can Raffle, Live Music, Vendor Tables, and More
I'm not blind to the issue being raised nationally, but my interest is in Livonia. In 1971 I was an intern working with the Livonia CCODA, Community Commission on Drug Abuse, right here in Livonia. Took the empathy training, worked the 24 hour phone line, counseled those who dropped in, mostly parents. It was a great experience as I moved into training others to answer phones.
One year and I moved on. I may have moved on but clearly the drug issue has not. It might be time for me to immerse myself into learning about the effects on my hometown and learn more about our SOY Coalition. I can't control Connecticut or New York or any other state but like most problems I can take that first step and learn about my own neighborhood.
See you at the 5K non-timed walk. My own level of consciousness will start with that first step. Let's see how far I can go. Not in walking, I'll never make it, but in expanding my mind about my own hometown.
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Vote Yes on both Livonia millage renewals in August

FridayMusings strongly endorses renewal of two city millage requests that will go to voters during the August primary election.
Livonia residents will be asked to approve 10-year renewals of a 1.7-mill levy for public safety, and a 0.25-mill levy to support the Greenmead Historic Village and Livonia Senior Center.
These are not new millages as both were approved for five years by Livonia voters in August 2011. At that time they were overwhelmingly approved with nearly 75% of Livonia voters saying "yes."
There will be no increase to a homeowners current tax rates with an approval in August.
Had the typewriter been one to place this on the ballot the supporting millage for Greenmead would have been increased to .5 mills in order to continue defining Greenmead as the destination location enhancing quality of life and attracting visitors to Livonia.
The police millage will allow our department to continue the quality of service without having to cut a potential 35 positions. We have the best police department in southeast Michigan and so let's keep it that way.
Our hometown has the lowest tax rate in Wayne County suggesting that we live within our budget, know how to provide quality of life and continue to attract young families looking for a stable hometown. Vote yes in August.
The Livonia Chamber of Commerce Bd. of Directors has also endorsed the millage renewals.
Excel in Livonia

Debra Bonde had the pleasure of handing out two scholarships in Anna Bonde's name this week at the annual CAPA Banquet.
"Congratulations Alexann and Kelsi! May you carry a bit of Anna's spirit in your heart wherever you go and whatever you do!"
Proceeds for the annual scholarship are raised at the Annual Anna K. Bonde Scholarship Murder Mystery Dinner.
Anna Bonde It has been an outstanding dinner for the past seven years. It defines community. Students, returning and current, parents, friends all having a fun evening reaching out to raise money for scholarships while keeping the memory alive of one who passed too soon. Anna Bonde has brought people together. How great is that.
And to see the recipients benefiting from the scholarships make it even more special.
Livonia's Art District is a unique, nationally known art and cultural collaboration with over 14 organizations promoting and supporting the arts, history and culture in this thriving suburban hometown.

Click on the names. Find out more.
Click on the ad for movies
and showtimes
Art in the Park
365 days a year.
All of May

City Hall Atrium

Mary's Muses, a group of 15 artists from throughout southeast Michigan showcasing their art.

May 19
7:00 pm

Visual Arts Association of Livonia's next general meeting will be held in the VAAL classroom. Mr. David Laura showcase an origami activity.

May 20
7:00 - 9:00

Grand Opening.

Mom birthday
May 20
Happy Birthday Mom
Geraldine Joyner

May 20 - May 30
Rotary AM Club
Seven & Middlebelt

May 21
9:00 - 10:00

Annual Plant Sharing
Greenmead Village

May 22
7:00 pm

Community Baccalaureate
Rosedale Gardens
Presbyterian Church

May 22
Mercy Elite Sports Performance
Stevenson Spartan 5K Fun Run

All of June

Livonia's Fine Arts Gallery
on the second floor of the Bennett Civic Center Library

Birmingham Society of
Women Painters
June 1
Robotics Demonstration
Dickinson Center

June 3
Merribowl Lanes
Clarenceville Education Foundation Bowling for Education

June 17

The Ghosts of Spoon River
Motor City Youth Theatre
June 20
Randy Kaplan

Children's Music at Rotary Park
Livonia votes! Do you?

Primary Election
August 2, 2016

***endorsed by FridayMusings
for primary election. General election endorsements will be made in September. Click on a name to connect with a website or facebook page where available.

Livonia public safety millage
Vote Yes on a 1.7 mill renewal
Livonia Greenmead/senior millage
Vote Yes on a .25 mill renewal

Congress District 11
Both Republican and Democratic candidates unopposed so no primary

Dave Trott (R)
Anil Kumar (D)

State Representative District 19
Both Republican and Democratic candidates unopposed so no primary

Laura Cox (R)
Steve King (D)

County Commissioner District 9
Republican primary only as Democratic primary has only one candidate

Terry Marecki (R)***
Tom Berry (R)
Patrick Crandall (D)

County Commissioner District 8
Only one candidate filed so the incumbent is re-elected without opposition

Diane Webb (D)

Wayne County
Circuit Court Judge
22 candidates have filed for four open Judicial positions. FridayMusings will introduce one each week and make four endorsements. Voters can vote for four candidates in the primary with eight moving on to the general election in November. Musings endorsements are starred ***

Melissa Cox***
Michelle Letourneau-McAvoy***
Suzette Samuels***

Hon. E. Lynise Bryant-Weekes
Delicia Coleman
Rebekah Coleman
Matthew Evans
Hon. Wanda Evans
Robert Ficano
Tracy Green
Thomas Hathaway
James Humphries
Hon. Kenneth King
Karyn Macdonald
Brian L. Morrow
Kelly Ann Ramsey
Isaac Robinson
Ron Robinson
Regina Thomas
Darnella Williams
Michael Woodyard

Board of Education
4 incumbents are up for re-election on the Livonia School Board in the November general election
Dan Centers
Tammy Bonifield
Eileen McDonnell
Dianne Laura

4 incumbents are up for re-election on the Clarenceville School Board in the November general election

Matt Boettcher
Sharon Simpson
Brenda Uren
Mark Brooks

Schoolcraft College Trustees
2 incumbents are up for re-election to the Schoolcraft Board in the November general election
Jim Fausone
Carol Strom
From May 20 - May 30 the Livonia AM Rotary Club will be hosting their annual Carnival at Seven Mile and Middlebelt. Help Rotary help Livonia.
Children's Music in the Park
New! Starting this summer!!
Your hometown Livonia will host a music in the park program designed specifically for children this summer at Rotary Park.
If the three concerts are well attended more dates will be added for next year providing another cultural venue for moms, dads and children.
Performances designed just for kids! They'll get acquainted with different musical styles and the upbeat artists will even have parents tapping their toes to the tunes!
All Concerts are at Rotary Park on Wednesdays.
Wednesday, June 29, 11 a.m. - Randy Kaplan "He doesn't dumb it down for the kids . . . He just expects them to come along for the ride. And they do."
Wednesday, July 20, 6:30 p.m. - Guy Louis "One of the finest touring artists in the state." -MI Humanities Touring Arts Program
Wednesday, August 17, 11 a.m. - Mr. Seley offers kids in the 'tween years (8-12 years old) a rare mix of age-appropriate lyrics and rock that plays to their sensibilities
Proud sponsor of Best of Livonia 2016
Livonia Baccalaureate Service
This Sunday, May 22nd

Kellie Whitlock
Since 1928 Rosedale Gardens Presbyterian Church has been a significant part of the Livonia faith community. Continuing that role this historic church will be hosting a community wide Baccalaureate Service for all graduates of the class of 2016.
The service at 7:00 pm and reception following is being organized by Rev. Kellie Whitlock and Kate Mackie, includes Mayor Dennis Wright, and Rev. Dr. Stephen Butler Murray President of Ecumenical Theological Seminary.

Open to the public so if you have a student graduating this year, college or high school, come on out and celebrate at this community event.

Livonia leads and learns robotics


They are back. Many have asked if Musings still has the Livonia Michigan bumper stickers. Yes.

To get your Livonia Michigan sticker simply send $2.00 to 18720 Blue Skies, 48152. Check (made out to Think Ink) or cash.
The sticker will be mailed to you the same day. Two stickers for $3.50. Three stickers for $5.00.

Livonia offers up their two cents

Suzanne Vassel Cassady: In your article about the Health District you must include Body Rocks Fitness & Racquet on Plymouth Road near Levan. It is a home-grown business starting across the street in a strip mall in 1989 and expanded with the purchase and remodel of the Racquetime building in 1993. Owned by a former Livonia resident it offers fitness memberships and public racquetball and wallyball courts as well as fitness classes.
I am well acquainted with this building because my uncle and his partners built it and pioneered the racquetball industry in the state of Michigan back in 1974.

Clarenceville Education Foundation, Board of Directors: As a proud Board of Directors, we would like to extend our appreciation and thanks to the many people who helped plan and attend our very successful Clarenceville Education Foundation Kickoff Celebration.
This event was held at Corsi's Banquet Hall on May 5th, 2016. Hosted by Livonia Mayor Dennis Wright, this event was a huge success! We could not have had a better emcee for our event... Thank you Bill Joyner for the wonderful job.
We would like to particularly acknowledge our Kickoff Committee: Paul Shepich, Shari Krazel, Cindy Immonen, Brett Gierak, John Shourd, Renee Sanchez, Joe Sanchez, Jazna Ealy, Brian Mahoney and Dan MacIver. Without their help, this event would not have been possible
It was certainly great to see so much support from our Clarenceville teachers, administration, staff members, and alumni. With such a rich history in our district since 1837, this Foundation is bound to do great things.
Finally, appreciation and thanks go out to our community business leaders, elected officials, local service groups, arts organizations, and all of our other proud supporters. Your generous donations and time to attend our kickoff is much appreciated.
Livonia Civic Chorus: The 2016 Spring Concert is history ... and what a concert it was! Thank you to each and every member of the Chorus, our amazing director, Donna Gleason, our tremendously talented accompanist, Rimma Stolbov, our fearless leader, Peggy Gaskill, all of the wonderful musicians, our volunteers who worked behind the scenes, and most of all to our family and friends who allowed us to share our love of music with you and with the community! Applause and kudos to you all!

Tiffany Taylor: Thank you so much everyone who
came out today to help the Livonia civic chorus celebrate freedom. We certainly had a lot of fun.

Geri Leiter: Not only am I " Proud
to be an American ", I am thrilled to be a part of this wonderful group of people (the Livonia Civic

It was an honor to be able to stand on that stage today and sing about the beauty of our country and the blessings we enjoy as a free nation.

Emily Ambrose Bauman: I enjoyed being a part if (Livonia Civic Chorus) and (the spring concert). You practice and practice but until the audience responds, it can be easy to miss the magnitude of what you're singing. The audience response to the pieces gave me wonderful chills.

Dan Kachnowski: That was a fine review of an LCC concert. Sorry we couldn't be there, due to a prior commitment, but we got a great picture from your report including a snapshot of all who were there.

Now, will you be able to do a similar glowing review of one of the other Art District members, the LSO? Hope so soon after the next season begins in the fall. The LSO counts on your publication for additional promotional info.

Thanks again for your continued support of the Arts in our great city. By the way, now that the LSO season is over I look forward to being re-introduced to Rose!

Bob Bennett Memorial Classic
June 10 @ Fox Creek Golf Course
LSO's 25th annual 'Chip In For Our Symphony' Golf Outing renamed the BOB BENNETT MEMORIAL CLASSIC sponsored by Robert Hardies, Financial & Porfolio Advisors, will take place on Friday, June 10 at Fox Creek Golf Course. For more information contact Charlie Mahoney at

25th Annual. How great is that. If you can't golf that day make it a point to come on out for the lunch at 1:00. You can chip it in for the arts. They had me at lunch.

Bob Hardies and Dan MacIver agree that Livonia is a great place to live, work and play. Take advantage of all there is to offer.


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