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Seedlings and Fleming's Partnership helps define Livonia as this internationally acclaimed Braille book provider turns out 25,000 books a year -- while celebrating their 30th Anniversary

The typewriter is a fan. No way around it. Seedlings is now celebrating their 30th Anniversary and what a 30 years it has been. Starting out first with a Perkins Brailler (on the right) and then with a 'Perky' (on the left) built by Debra Bonde's father in 1984 they produced 221 Braille books their first year and now they produce close to 25,000 per year!
And here I was at the Fleming's annual Summer of Giving enjoying fine wine and mouth watering hors d'oeuvres while savoring good conversation, great company all while sitting in awe trying to grasp the reach this volunteer organization has.
I mean like really? Printing 25,000 Braille books A YEAR and shipping them to over 75 countries around the world. From Livonia.
Life in our hometown just does not get any better than this.
Walk in and there is Richard Thomas, DAV, Peggy Gaskill, Livonia Civic Chorus, Charlie Mahoney, Livonia Symphony, Dr. Robert Legel, Livonia Historical Society.
Move over ten feet and there is Gretchen Alaniz, Schoolcraft College Trustee, Marshall Kleven, Bank of America, Barbara Lewis, retired Librarian, Donna Gleason, Director of the Livonia Civic Chorus.
And there was Brenda Smith, former Seedlings Board member and CPA extraordinaire, and comments from Central Michigan University student Kevin Andrews, a former Seedlings Advisory Board member. And Debra Bonde, Seedlings founder, an inspiration to anyone who wants to give to others and Vicky Opie, Seedlings Outreach Director.
Thank you Fleming's. Thank you Seedlings. Thank you Livonia. The three make a great partnership reaching out and putting a smile on the face of a child reading a book for perhaps the first time, or a parent sharing the magic of words with a son or daughter.
I sat there in awe. When I went home I picked up a book and wondered what my life would be without the inspiration found or the mysteries explored inside the two books I read each week.
Brenda Smith
Debra Bonde and Kevin Andrews
Vicky Opie and the typewriter
Another Thursday Happening--Only in Livonia--See you tonight
See you at Music in the Heart,
July 17 - tonight at 7:00
Music From the Heart
Pete and the Parrot Heads
Jimmy Buffet Music
@ Livonia City Hall Back Porch
Congratulations to our Livonia Rotary Club on celebrating 70 years of service to our hometown.
Thursday, July 24 at 7:00 pm

Sponsored by the
Chamber of Commerce
Robert Ficano

Kevin McNamara
Join me in voting Yes
There are two millage RENEWALS on the ballot, with NO INCREASE in taxes.
The first proposal is the renewal of the 18-mill levy on Non-Homestead properties (businesses); the second is the renewal of the 1.12-mill sinking fund millage on business and residential properties within the Livonia Public Schools boundaries.
The overall school millage rate is the lowest requested in 20 years, because a hold harmless millage that was once collected is no longer levied. The community has supported both of these millages for the past 20 years. The typewriter will be voting yes on August 5th.
In the estimation of this typewriter the state of Michigan has removed local control, created provisions that allow our tax dollars to be used by under supervised for-profit corporations who take the profits from Michigan and
A "no" vote only takes us in one direction
open schools in other parts of the country and supported the establishment of on-line high schools that take the concept of local control, socialization, and student-teacher interaction out of the equation.
But we can not and should not hold the irresponsibility of the state as a reason to vote these proposals
down. Simply put we need to vote YES.
If this non-homestead millage is voted down it removes 17% of our local budget, approximately $22 million. The sinking fund has been a part of our school financing since 1995 and has been used for construction, repairs, parking lots, door replacements, water main and plumbing repairs, and other needs identified in the district's long-term facilities plan.
I want a return to local control. Not going to happen in my life time. I am voting yes. This is a no-brainer and we must pass it.
Renaissance Thinking About the Issues of Our Day

Community Alliance
Connecting with the community
You have to love a local banking institution that reaches out and partners with their hometown
Helping Kids in Schools
5th Annual Backpack & School Supply Drive!
With your help, Community Alliance will be donating backpacks and school supplies to help the needy children in the Livonia Public Schools.
Donation boxes will be available in the Credit Union
July 9th - August 22nd
Vote early and vote often by taking
your neighbors to the polls
August 5th

Vote or don't complain In looking over the ballot for August the typewriter is willing to make recommendations in each party. Pick one ballot, republican or democrat, make your own pick, and head to the polls.
I think it would be a great November election if we had two Livonia candidates running for County Executive, Robert Ficano and John Dalton.
Ficano and Richard Joyner I have received some raised eyebrows over my endorsement for Ficano. I am convinced it is the right choice.
I am looking at a 30 year track record as Wayne County Sheriff and County Executive. He has his hands and mind firmly on the steering wheel and his most recent budget plan crafted with help of new budget director, Northville's Mark Abbo, shows a clear understanding of what needs to be done.
He has been chastised for the sins of a few working for the county. I consider it a lesson learned and the need for progress understood. He has the vote of this former Wayne County Commissioner.

Imagine a race for Congress that dealt with the issues and was not tied up with side shows and drama. Dave Trott with his business career and support of the republican establishment is head and shoulders the best candidate in the republican field.
Trott versus Bobby McKenzie, democrat, could provide one of the key match-ups nationwide and focus attention on western Wayne County to decide the ultimate winner. McKenzie is as determined a candidate the democrats have put up for Congress since Marv Stempien or Ed Pierce in the 1970's. He knows the issues, listens to his neighbors and has forged a solid coalition that will make the November race hugely competitive.
This typewriter wants to be in the front row for this race.

The campaign to replace John Walsh deserves to have two focused candidates with solid Livonia pedigrees. Overwhelming favorite Laura Cox, a successful, knowledgeable, constituent serving County Commissioner versus strong union activist and homeowner association president coxStacey Dogonski might even cause Bill Ballenger to come out of retirement to pay attention to this race.
Have no doubt Cox is the prohibitive favorite but Livonia benefits from having a capable, community involved democrat providing an alternative on the issues and with her style she should be more aggressive than any candidate on that side of the ballot in recent memory providing an opportunity for voters to discuss issues and not personalities.
Sign me up to be there for the debates in this race.

Gentleman and retired attorney Patrick O'Neil made a name for himself in the last Mayor's race drawing kudos from Jack Kirksey for his polite campaign and will give Terry Marecki a run for her money in a race that she should be favored to win by a large margin. You have to like O'Neil as a soft spoken, knowledgeable candidate but it is difficult to take on an opponent with as many years in
Hall of Fame 2012 Marecki elected office as Marecki, on the school board, city council and as clerk.
The real sub rosa agenda in this race is who will replace clerk Marecki should she win. Word on the street has Treasurer Dennis Wright, term limited from seeking re-election, as the odds on favorite to move over to the clerk's office. This then leaves an opening for Treasurer. The name that keeps coming up is Mark Laberge.
Regardless, keep your eye open to the next city election cycle as the maneuvering is well underway. Surprised? Not at all.

Pick a ballot and look over the recommendations of the typerwiter. It matters not who you vote for as long as you vote:

Democratic Primary Endorsements
Robert Ficano for County Executive
Bobby McKenzie for Congress
Stacey Dogonski for State Representative
Patrick O'Neil for County Commissioner

Republican Primary Endorsements

John Dalton for County Executive
Dave Trott for Congress
Laura Cox for State Representative
Terry Marecki for County Commissioner
Livonia should vote early and often.
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