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10.24.14 Published Tuesday & Friday (or Monday/Thursday)
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Musings on a beautiful fall day in Livonia

Had a great time with my one day visa allowing me to travel to Plymouth to view the scarecrows in Kellogg Park. Creative is the word. How about next year lining Greenmead with scarecrows during the month of October. Service clubs, businesses, whoever, sponsoring and building their own idea of a scarecrow representing them. I will buy the first one for FridayMusings.
Michigan in an upset. 21-17. And no I am not just back from Colorado and no I am not on medicinal marijuana.
I did it. Moved up to the Samsung 5 cell phone. Have no idea what I am doing. Want to eliminate technology. Yet I order a new phone and then put u-verse in my new writing office off the garage. And yes, I put a flat screen tv in there to watch as I write. Multi-task of course. Lunch to the person who will sit with me and explain how it works and what to do.
Great mingle with the Livonia Chamber of Commerce at Max & Erma's Thursday AM. Saw so many new faces. Packed. Loved it. No elected officials just good small business folks calling Livonia their home. Went with Vickie and Pat from Seedlings. Good program Dawn and Dan. It was worth it if only for the wonderful Max & Erma cookies. To die for.
Tired of all professional sports. Too much pay. Too much whining. Too many commercials. Give me college sports any day. Of twenty years ago before the coaches thought they were in a professional sport. Pay college athletes? Get real. Never. Not at all. Heck no.
An NFL team in London. Really? Football at 9:30 in the morning. The game is diluted enough without expansion giving us more mediocre players. Get real. Never. Not at all. Heck no.
St. Edith Parish partners with Livonia Community Service Organization
to package 20,000 meals
Early riser Kiwanians Kathi, Melissa and Gary pitch in with their time
and energy.
(This article was taken in its entirity from the Livonia Observer. It tells just a great story that it needed to be shared with as many as possible.)
The Hall at St. Edith's Parish in Livonia filled quickly Saturday as more than 140 volunteers from around Livonia gathered to help package 20,000 meals to feed the hungry.
Guided by Michael Burwell of the Kids Against Hunger Coalition, the interior of the hall was quickly transformed into a dozen production lines. Each line contained all of the food, supplies and volunteers needed to measure, weigh, bag and seal each nutritious meal.
Burwell discussed the devastating impact of hunger: Every day, 14,500 children die of malnutrition, and one in five Americans go to bed hungry. He invited the volunteers to raise their hands in the air and repeat, "These are my hands. And today I will use them to serve. I will use them to feed families around the world and around the corner."
In short order, more than 21,000 meals were boxed and ready for distribution, many of which were delivered via Livonia Cares to food pantries in and around Livonia.
Ron Gaffney, president of the Livonia Community Service Organization FORUM, which hosted the event, welcomed and acknowledged all of the volunteers and organizations that helped make the event possible. Members of the Livonia Forum include the Livonia Kiwanis Club, Livonia AM Rotary Club, Livonia Goodfellows, Livonia Junior Chamber, Livonia Rotary Club, Madonna University Lions Club, Livonia Lions Club, and the Daniel A. Lord Knights of Columbus.
The event was co-sponsored by the Kids Against Hunger Coalition and St. Edith Parish. Additional support was provided by Livonia Kids and Families, Community Choice Credit Union, Forresters, Thrivent, The Looney Baker, Michigan Dairy, and Biggby Coffee on Seven Mile Road in Livonia.
Volunteerism defines Livonia. When you talk about downtown you are not talking about buildings you are talking
about the network of people.
Pictures of the week

I love facebook ONLY for the slice of life it provides. Certainly not for the rants and mantra shouting.
I can share the joy of people as they go through life with smiles on their faces for the major events they are enjoying.
Debra Bonde and daughter Megan in New York preparing for the big wedding.
Megan and Debra in Sonoma on the day of the wedding.
So much to celebrate with the people we
meet in Livonia.
Celebrate 42 years of musical excellence

Time to kick off the 2014-15 season on October 25th with the "Symphonie Fantastic"

First concert of the season October 25.
For complete information/tickets
The Livonia Community Foundation will present The Best Craft Beers in Michigan 7-8:30 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 29, at One Under, 35780 Five Mile.
Tickets are $35 per person, $25 of which is eligible for a federal tax contribution. Tickets include beer and appetizers.
The event benefits the Livonia Community Foundation, a trust fund that supports Livonia's charitable, cultural, historical, educational and recreational institutions.
Tickets can be purchased at the Livonia Chamber of Commerce office, 33233 Five Mile Road.
Celebrate comfort in Livonia
Coming December 24
The best movie seats in Michigan coming to Livonia's Phoenix Theatre
Dr. Conway Jeffress
taking Livonia into the future

On October 22, 2014 Schoolcraft College celebrated the dedication of the new Jeffress Center - named in honor of Schoolcraft College's President, Dr. Conway A. Jeffress.

Schoolcraft has recently partnered with Wayne State University and the University of Toledo expanding the reach and statue of this hometown community college.

Livonia truly has a K-16 image of which we all should be proud.
Board President Brian Broderick makes it official in presenting the resolution officially naming the Center in honor of Jeffress.
Friday 11/7 from 6 to 9 pm, Seedlings will be celebrating 30 years of service with a dinner and evening at St. Mary's Cultural & Banquet Center in Livonia.

Tickets are $50 per person and may be purchased by calling Seedlings' at 734-427-8552 x307.

Come out and celebrate
Livonia volunteer success
Rosedale brand LSO 40th logo
Homeowners partner with Livonia Symphony for a fun run November 8th
To register and for more information:
Road rage update

Mom always liked Sean Kavanaugh, long before he became a Judge in 2008. As I sat in his courtroom waiting for the sentencing of Mr. A (why give his last name) of Westland in the assault and battery case resulting from the road rage incident last June I began to get the picture of why she liked him.
Arriving early as I had not been in a courtroom since 1982 when Wayne County was sued and I was called to testify. Okay, one other time when I was called to jury duty and not selected. I listened to case after case of shoplifting and a couple dealing with drug possession. All fairly routine and to me boring. I was amazed that people would risk their future for a $12 t-shirt or $160 in shoes and CDs.
Or use the excuse that the self scanners wouldn't scan some food items.
Judge Kavanaugh with the patience of Job took each defendant pleading guilty through the steps asking where they worked, what school they went to, if they understood all that was being said. When the young person hesitated he calmly repeated and asked them questions to help them understand. Quite amazing.
The one case that caught my attention was a young woman who was turning 19 in the coming week, not in school, not working and with an attitude of "trying to figure out where to go to school." He accepted her guilty plea, told her to get off the sofa and start applying for jobs. A part of her requirement was to submit 5 job applications to him each month.
Really? His sentence caught me off guard and I chuckled while saying "right on." Quietly of course. I didn't want to get thrown out before my turn.
But the reason I was there was to offer a sentencing statement regarding the assault and battery charge filed against Mr. A when he stopped his car on Seven Mile, blocked traffic and approached my car and hit me. Not once but twice.
He had pleaded guilty and was sentenced to a fine, community service and AA meetings five days a week plus anger management classes. The probation department recommended a short jail sentence which was eliminated by the Judge and replaced with additional stipulations. He apologized to the court for his actions. My statement was simple: "An apology to the court was not sufficient. I would like you to look me in the eyes, shake my hand and apologize to me."
Oh sure, I suggested I was afraid when he approached my car and that he gave a bad reputation to Livonia residents who have a hometown of which they are proud.
He did. That was it. Judge Kavanaugh stated that "this was not something that happens very often in this court." An apology and a hand shake.
It should happen more often. A handshake and apology.
I learned a lot. My mom was right to respect Sean Kavanaugh. I want to go sit in court more often to get a different slice of life. I look pretty good in a sport coat.
The coat made the day worth while. Well, partially. Seeing justice in action left me feeling good. Thanks Judge Kavanaugh. Not for my case but for caring about that 18 year old. I hope she got it before she becomes an angry adult that assaults a driver.

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