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Out a day early. Just because I can. One week left to be a part of the 12th Annual full page Livonia Observer Signature Ad sharing our love for Livonia with over 40,000 homes.
Above the fold
Vote YES in November for regional transit

Vote Yes Livonia can enhance its leadership role in southeast Michigan by taking a strong stand in support of our region joining the 21st century while operating an effective public transportation system.

When passed, the proposed millage will fund the RTA's realistic and cost-effective Regional Master Transit Plan to connect over 2,600 square miles, 4 million residents and nearly 2 million existing jobs across Macomb, Oakland, Washtenaw and Wayne counties. Similar plans in other regions of the country have shown a significant return on investment, averaging $4 for every $1 spent, according to the American Public Transportation Association.

By voting yes and encouraging other communities to join with us we will set the pace for an Alaniz economic expansion that benefits the entire region. As Schoolcraft College Trustee Gretchen Alaniz succinctly puts it on her facebook page, "Livonia cannot call itself an inclusive community by not allowing bus transportation which prevents people from reaching our community for jobs and education."

Studies continue to showcase that Investment in public transportation creates jobs while providing access to jobs. This helps revitalize business districts while boosting commerce. It just makes sense that public transportation helps our regional economy by allowing our neighbors to reach work affordably, brings consumers to shopping districts and yes, eases traffic congestion,
With the passage of a regional transit program we can free up funding for education and public safety by spending less on paving and road building.

The President and CEO of the Detroit Wayne Mental Health Authority Tom Watkins shares his thoughts on regional transit by concluding that "an investment in mobility in the four-county region is an investment in our collective future."

That defines Livonia. Always looking for the collective future of our residents. Looking ahead. Let's show the region that Livonia is ready to continue that leadership role by having our elected officials stand in unison in support of the regional transit proposal.

(On August 29th our Livonia City Council will host a representative of the
Regional Transit Authority for a discussion on the ballot proposal.)
Below the fold but still front page
50 plus one
The call is out. Word has reached the street that all Stevenson High School soccer alumni are invited to a Stevenson soccer alumni game, Friday, September 9th at 7:00.

It will take place under the lights on the Stevenson field immediately following the boys Varsity game against South Lyon East. So far players from 1988 - 2016 have replied that they plan to attend!

Stevenson alumni t-shirts can be ordered at a cost of only $10-$15/shirt. If you can join the soccer alumni simply call David Burton, the Junior Varsity Head Coach and Varsity Assistant Coarch, at, and provide your graduation year and shirt size.
Let's all join in and see that as many alumni of the boys soccer team get this message and invitation. Any help you can give in contacting alumni will be appreciated by Burton, "Thanks for the help of our alumni, family and friends in locating as many players as we can."

Excel in Livonia
Happy 80th Birthday to former Schoolcraft College President
Richard McDowell, 1835 Livonia City Hall of Fame Class of 2010.
The Month of August

Barbara Eko Murphy's solo, Strike a Pose, continues at Livonia City Hall, until August 30.
Open weekdays 9-5.

August 24
Bounce Back to School
Churchill High School
August 25
Steve King and the Dittilies
Music From the Heart

The Month of September

September 1
Final concert of the summer
Music from the Heart
September 8
Art Homecoming Discussion
Andrea Blum Sculpture
Open discussion for all who support a growing art presence
September 9
Stevenson Soccer Alumni Game
Stevenson High School
September 9
Brews for Backpack
One Under Banquet Hall

September 10
Clarenceville Education Foundation Golf Outing
1:45 @ Whispering Willows

September 11
10:00 - 4:00
Greenmead Village Flea Market

September 15
Celebrating 30 years
Robert Hardies at Rotary Park
Hamburgers, hot dogs, pulled pork from the Blue Plate
Fresh roasted corn on the cob

September 20
Veterans Summit
9:00 - Noon
Westland City Hall

September 23
The typewriter celebrates the invention of the typewriter

The Month of

October 1
Unforgettable Musical Hits
Livonia Symphony Orchestra
Clarenceville High School
Louis Schmidt Auditorium

October 6
7:00 - 8:30
1835 Livonia City Hall of Fame
Rosedale Presbyterian Church

October 6
5:00 - 7:00
Seedlings Open House
Tour Seedlings

October 21
6:30 - 9:30
Southern Soiree
Livonia Symphony Orchestra
Dinner, music, auction
Laurel Manor

October 22
League of Women Voters
Annual Fall Auction
View items 11:00 - 11:30
Bid on items 11:30 - 1:30

The Month of November

November 1-14
Seedlings On-Line Auction

November 6
"Celebrate Freedom"
Benefit Concert for Veterans
Rosedale Gardens
Presbyterian Church

November 8
7:00 - 8:00
Election Day

The Month of December

December 3
Spirit of the Season
Livonia Symphony Orchestra w/
Angie Hahn Academy of Dance
Clarenceville High School
Louis Schmidt Auditorium

December 18
Holiday Concert
Livonia Civic Chorus
Clarenceville High School

Click on the ad for movies

Livonia's Art District is a unique, nationally known art and cultural collaboration with over 18 organizations promoting and supporting the arts, history and culture in this thriving suburban hometown.

Click on the names.

O'Malley's Bar and Grill

Where the names are highlighted in blue simply click to the name to connect with their campaign website. (I) designates incumbent. (*) designates Musings endorsement.
Congress District 11
Kerry Bentivolio (Independent)
State Representative District 19
Laura Cox (R) (I)
Steve King (D)
County Commissioner District 9
County Commissioner District 8
Diane Webb (D) (I)
Wayne County
Circuit Court Judge
Four to be elected
Regina Thomas
Thomas Hathaway
Wanda Evans
Brian Morrow*
Melissa Cox*
Kelly Ramsey
Matthew Evans*
Robert Ficano
Board of Education
Four to be elected
Tamara Bonifield (I)*
Daniel Centers (I)
Jason Anderson
Kylie Anderson
Karen Bradford*
Crystal Frank*
Donald Glance
Jody Rice-White
Board of Education
Five to be elected

Matthew Boettcher (I)
Shari Krazel (I)
Brenda Uren (I)
Mark Brooks (I)
Schoolcraft College Trustee
Two to be elected
Jim Fausone (I)*
Carol Strom (I)*
William Erwin, Jr.
Continuing the discussion. Engaging our artists while celebrating the arts.
The Andrea Blum Evironmental Sculpture written about on Monday was dedicated in 1992 and was one of the first works of art designed by Blum around the world.
From furniture to outdoor space to tree houses to guest houses Blum's work is found in France, Italy, Germany and across many states in America.
The dream of an Artist Homecoming shared with Musings readers on Monday was simply an idea to take a vision of Bob Bishop, an inductee of the Livonia City Hall of Fame, and Shirley Bishop 25 years ago and allow for the encouragement, expansion and love for the creation of art, of all mediums.
We have a strong art foundation in Livonia. Arts Commission. VAAL. I mean the list just seems to go on and on. Check out the list in the Livonia Art District listing.
All committed to the arts. More art groups than any other city
in southeast Michigan.
I am inviting you to a meeting on Thursday, September 8th at the Blum Sculpture. 7:00 and lasting one hour. Let's have a discussion and see what comes of open minded art supporters.
An art homecoming in the spring of 2017 centered around a re-dedication of the Environmental Sculpture. Hundreds returning to Livonia. Artists celebrating. A statement.

I'm bidding on the Grand Hotel.
Don't you dare. I've never been.

Grand Hotel anyone?
How great he was!!


Seedlings continues to collect items for their new online auction which aims to raise $10,000 for 1,000 braille books for blind children!
The auction catalog is one-third full so making progress on this first of what they hope will be an annual event. The donation deadline to Sept. 30!
Ready for winter!
Please consider what item or items you can contribute such as: Gift cards to restaurants and retailers, hotel stays, tickets to entertainment venues and sporting events.

They've gotten some great donations so far from Livonia supporters: Terry Marecki, Alpha USA, Jim Jolly, the Livonia Symphony and Livonia Civic Chorus, Kathleen McIntyre.

Here are some of the items they've received to date:
State Rep. Laura Cox - State of Michigan flag and Capitol Tour. New Horizons Computer Learning Centers - One-Day Course in Excel, Word, PowerPoint or Outlook
Pro Sports Zone - Framed "Mr. Hockey" collage signed by Gordie Howe. Celebrates the 50th anniversary of Howe's first pro contract. The Looney Baker - Four gift certificates, each good for one dozen donuts. Fleming's Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar - Three $75 gift certificates. Klisz Law Office - Two tickets to the Detroit Lions Nov. 20 game against the Jacksonville Jaguars.

To donate, download the form at or simply call Karen Smith at 734-427-8552, ext. 301.
The auction takes place Nov.1-14 on

Karen Smith, community outreach manager, offers, "many thanks to those who already donated the great items pictured here!"

2 great shows-Music from the Heart

Marketing circa 1971
August 25 - Steve King and the Dittilies Livonia's own Steve King and the Dittilies with Classic Rock and Oldies. Bringing home the summer music series as only Steve King and the Dittilies can do. Shares the Livonia experience across the state during the summer and returns home every year to a packed house.

  September 1 - Toppermost The Toppermost "Beatles Tribute" let's you re-live the magic of the Beatles.
Two cents
Bob Legel, President Livonia Historic Society:
Thank you for the article about the flea market. We always do a little better when it appears in the musings. (You gotta love Greenmead, bringing thousands to Livonia.)
Neary, Liam Liam Neary: Aw, sure'n we'll meet you at the September 9 Brews for Backpacks @ 6:30 @ One Under. As long as they have some Guinness. (They better. If only for you.)

Rose Kachnowski, President Livonia Symphony Orchestra:
Your dreams can very easily become reality for Livonia. Is that a secured date for Burton Manor? If so let's make it happen.......oh.....I loved the great feature boost on Julies books, blogs and website. What a great way to start out my day. (Just an idea Rose. We will see what comes of it.)

Lonna Baum, Livonia author: Your support of the arts is truly wonderful! The idea of a fair next year is great. If it actually comes to fruition, I'd be glad to help in any way that I can. Many thanks for all that you do for the City of Livonia.

Ray DePerro: Obviously no one can do as good as you because if they could you won't be doing it and they would. Just took a little weekend vacation my self .Hung out with family and cousins had tooooo much fun took me a couple days to recover. (Hope you are now fit as a fiddle and ready to go.)

Liz Jarvis, Livonia Board of Education:
Your vision of a Livonia arts celebration is exciting--count me in! Hope to see you at the Bounce Back event--hanging out with young people keeps us all young. (Bounce Back at me at food being offered.)

Char Mansur Baringhaus: Well stated, Bill. The names of our candidates match the faces we see working tirelessly in our schools, supporting our programs and putting students first. (Well put. A visible Board of Education is important.)

Kathleen Bilger:
My son lives and teaches in Battle Creek. The governor plans to shut a lot of those schools with no plans for the kids futures. We need more than state control or local control. We need responsibility and and a determination to educate Michigan children now and in the future. We either have that talk at every level soon or prepare to become the next West Virginia. Economics have shown we are very close to it. (Citizen engagement is where it starts.)

Connie Hierta, former Trustee on the Livonia Board of Education: Hooray for Friday Musings, the Typewriter for "Local Control" means Livonia Bd. of Education, Wayne-Westland Bd. of Education, etc., NOT Wayne County Bd. of Ed., or Michigan Bd. of Ed., or Rick Snyder. Bill, you exemplify the the thoughts and virtues of Geraldine Joyner, my mentor, and myself. Thank you. (Public education was the cornerstone of our family growing up.)

Closing out the golf season in style
The first annual Clarenceville Education Foundation Golf Outing is ready for the big day, Saturday, September 10th, 1:45 at Whispering Willows Golf Course.
The significance is not with the nearly 80 golfers, not with the success of the first annual event. . .but rather with the partnerships that will build a foundation for years to come.
Thank you to the hometown partners:
Platinum Sponsor
Financial & Portfolio Advisors, Ltd. Hardies

Hole Sponsors
Four-M Associates (Charlie Mahoney)
Creighton, McLean & Shea PLC (George Shea)
The UPS Store (Eric Ladwig) Adira Salon and Spa, LLC
LMR and Associates, PLLC
Lis, McCallion, Raymor & Co.
Looney Baker Clark Hill PLC (Jeremy Motz)
Clarenceville Special Services
Livonia Chamber of Commerce
Mayor Dennis Wright Livonia Treasurer Lynda Scheel
Anne Doulette Valassis Plante Moran

Livonia Kiwanis Melissa Pilzner
Julie Vanameyde Gutters Only (Kelly Denny)
Ups Store Area Office Susan Nash City Clerk
Terry Marecki Wayne County Commisoner
King Brothers Collision (Jeff Fairbanks)
D & H Quick Lube Experimac of Canton (John Park)
The Shepich Family Dan and Veronica MacIver Family
Congratulations Class of 2016
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