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Enjoy retirement
Livonia will miss you
Sr. Rose Marie Kujawa made an impact on students, Madonna University and Livonia that will be felt for years to come.
Sr. Rose Marie Kujawa being inducted into the 1835 Livonia City Hall of Fame
Sr. Rose Marie Kujawa will be missed as President of Madonna University but rest assured that her leadership will be felt for years to come.
All the best in your retirement. You have touched many lives and for that we are grateful.

Katelynn Gaskill
Mind's Eyedeas LLC
Tee it up and have some fun
Golfing with Kiwanis
June 2

Golfing with Blessings in a Backpack
June 6

Golfing with
Livonia Symphony Orchestra
June 12



Candidates for Livonia August Primary Election

FB refers to a campaign facebook page not a personal facebook page.

Mayoral Candidates
You may vote for only one with the top two moving onto the November election
Brian Meakin
John Pastor
Link: none found
Dennis Wright
Leo Weber
Link: none found

You may vote for only one with the top two moving onto the November election

Lynda Scheel
Dale Owings
Link: none found

Gerald Perez
Link: none found
City Clerk
You may vote for only one with the top two moving onto the November election

Brian Duggan
Link: none found

Steven Johnson

Link: none found

Susan Nash

Endorsed by Jack Kirksey,
Jim McCann, Laura Toy, Diane Webb, Terry Marecki, John Walsh
Eileen McDonnell

FB Link: None found

Livonia City
Council candidates
You may vote for up to four with the top eight moving onto the November election

Tom Berry
FB: No link found
Brett Gierak
Endorsed by: Maureen Brosnan, Glenn Anderson, Terry Gilligan, Joan Gebhardt, Diane Webb, Cathy Kevra,
Michigan Building & Construction Trades Council,
International Brotherhood Electrical Workers Local 58,
Bricklayers Allied Craftworkers Local 2, Pipefitters Local 636,
Sheet Metal Workers Local 80

Seth McRobb

Scott Bahr
Endorsed by: Dennis Wright, John Walsh, Colleen Burton, Lynda Scheel, Lee Morrow, Terry Marecki, Jack Kirksey, Jim McCann, Jack Engebretson, Mark Johnson, and Joe Taylor

Stacey Dogonski
Endorsed by: Diane Webb, Liz Jarvis, Terry Gilligan, Dan Centers

Brandon Kritzman
FB: no link found

Tim Klisz
Endorsed by: Alan Helmkamp, Dale Jurcisin
Christopher Martin
FB: no link found
Lucas McGrail
FB: no link found
Steve King
FB: No link found

Jim Jolly
Fundraiser: May 31, George Murphy's, 4:00

Cathy White
FB: No link found
Craig Pastor
No picture or FB found
Another venue realizes that music and art drive an economic engine in Livonia
Thursday nights have been transformed for this typewriter and hopefully for all of Livonia.

It is jazz night at O'Malley's every Thursday starting at 7:00. It is a place to go with music to enjoy, food to eat and company to meet.

This week is one that the typewriter has been waiting for with Bobby Streng Quintet, Featuring Beth Stalker.

Frank and Janice Grisa are working on a remodel with new entrance. But let's face it--that is cosmetic. The real change is in offering customers the opportunity to enjoy some soulful jazz, toe tapping blues, or some great saxophone.

This just shows me that music and art can drive an economic engine. See you tonight at O'Malley's. This is a long time coming and we need to take full advantage of it.
From a need to an idea to a solution to funding. Livonia Kids and Family.

Volunteerism makes it happen.
It started with a need at Emerson Jr. High School. It will never will never be a middle school to me.

Principal Ann Owen cared. Students had a need.

Chuck Dardas, Dennis Wright, Eric Ladwig responded. Livonia Rotary AM stood up to be counted.

By opening lines of communication between a neighborhood and the community a food bank was started. A Foundation, Livonia Kids and Family was created.

How simple is that. Hunger. Food. Support.

And out of all this the element of fun was added and the creation of the Annual Kids and Family Golf Outing moved from an idea stage to the implementation stage.

Eric Ladwig, Dennis Wright and Chuck Dardas
Last Sunday the links were filled with golfers having fun, raising money for the Kids and Family Fund, and reaching out letting the students at Emerson, along with the faculty and staff know that their hometown cared.

Sunday. The day of the 50th Anniversary of the Livonia Civic Chorus and the day of the 1st Livonia Kids and Family Golf Outing.

Livonia. 97,000 people with room to celebrate our successes while starting new traditions. You gotta love Livonia.
For the sake of excellence we must keep Perrinville Center open
The Joy of parents at the success of the
Early Childhood Center
The Concern of the parents as they join together to convince the school board to keep Perrinville open
The banking tour of Mike Babcock is over. He is packing his bags and leaving town.
Randy Liepa The job search tour for Randy Liepa is underway. First the application to the State Board of Education and now the interview to serve as Superintendent of Wayne County RESA.
How are these similar?
Simple, both worked hard and left a legacy that will be debated and in some cases appreciated for years to come.
But the issue that should be addressed now is what happens when the architect of an existing system leaves before the job is done?
The Red Wings will hire a new coach and provide all the money necessary to refill the roster.
Livonia schools will hire a new coach only to find the money Livonia schools logo necessary to refill the image is gone. The state of Michigan in taking over the schools now realizes that it has nearly $300 million more in tax revenue and will use it all for roads without looking at the needs of our schools.
Short term gain with continued long term pain.
As families look to move to Livonia our education system that values the diversity of our student population with a strong program at Perrinville enhances the marketability of Livonia.
But because of the refusal of the state to deal with the economic decline of our schools we are forced to take steps that can only decimate our hometown.
Our Board of Education should take back our school funding fight, refuse to close Perrinville, join with parents and sue the state until people wake up and demand that we want a return to local control.
Our City Council should unite with our school board and take the position that the corridor between Middlebelt and Inkster is vital to the community, that the closing of a school will distract from the revitalization of a neighborhood in which candidates talk about assisting but turn their backs after the election.

Let's put the real dollar savings on the table from the closing of Perrinville and sit down to create a funding mechanism right here in Livonia. Show the state that when we have a need we can respond.
But we cannot support the architect of this plan moving on and leaving us with the implementation. I wish the superintendent well but finish the job first. Help us stand up and fight for what is right.

Keeping Perrinville open.
The typewriter talks with Livonia neighbors every day who know that we live in an amazing hometown. In part because of our commitment to the students attending Perrinville and the parents who have made it their extended family.
Candidate corner

Candidates have the opportunity to share information about their campaign, positions, policies, etc. Musings will run the information and share it with our readers, making no endorsements just providing an opportunity to let our readers know who you are and what you stand for.

Your vote is up to you. I'm not prepared to tell you how to vote. But I will suggest that this video from Scott Bahr is the type of messaging that is good for Livonia underscoring the positive campaigning we need.

Watch this and let me know what you think.

Livonia's Art in the Park
The typewriter enjoyed Mad Max, Fury Road, at
our hometown theatre and looks forward to my
next movie day.
Livonia continues to excel in the arts
The typewriter's choice for pizza
since 1963
Get ready for more hometown events


The typewriter tries in his old fashioned way to keep folks current on all that is happening in Livonia.


The entire month of May: Brian Woolery is displaying photograph in the lobby of our Livonia City Hall. and
Clarenceville Public School students will be exhibiting mixed media at the Livonia Civic Center Library Fine Arts Gallery.

Wednesday, May 20, 5:30 - 8:00, Farewell Reception, Remember and Rejoice with Sr. Rose Marie Kujawa, President, Madonna University. Laurel Manor.
Thursday, May 21, 6:00 PM, Livonia Historical Society Annual Dinner at Greenmead Village featuring Joe Grimm author of Coney Detroit.

Advance tickets are needed so simply call Greenmead 248-477-7375.

Thursday, May 21, 7:00 auction sponsored by VAAL.

Saturday, May 30, Commissioner Terry Marecki Park Clean up. Please join Commissioner Marecki at her 1st Annual Park Clean-Up Day on Saturday, May 30, 2015. This event will take place at Bennett Arboretum in Northville. Registration begins at 8:30 am and the work event will run from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm. Parking and registration will be located across the street at the Cass Benton pavilion. Detroit Tiger baseball tickets to the first 40 volunteers!

For questions or to RSVP please contact Grace at 313-224-0946 or


June 2, Kiwanis Golf Outing.

June 6, Blessings in a Back Pack Golf Outing.

June 12, Livonia Symphony Orchestra Golf Outing.

Sunday, June 7, Greenmead Summer Flea Market, 10 -- 4 at our historic Greenmead Village, Seven and Newburgh. 180 vendors on site. It's huge. It's fun. It's a destination. $2.00 with free parking.

Sunday, June 14, 9 - 5, Wilson Barn car show at the Historic Wilson Barn. Food, music, refreshments and lots of cars. This if a four star typewriter recommended event.

Saturday, June 20, at Coaches Corner

Saturdays, June 20 - October 10. 10:00 - 2:00, Livonia's Farmers Market at our historic Wilson Barn. Paris Bakery and Baking Legends are two of the typewriter favorites each Saturday. There was a day when Ira Wilson picked up Livonia food items and took them to the Detroit Farmers Market. We were the source. Come out and enjoy the Wilson Barn.

June 23-28, Livonia's Spree 65 at Ford Field with activities for
Spree 61
the entire family all week long. Mark your calendar for the best fireworks in southeast Michigan. Food booths anyone? Proceeds to local organizations. And the Lions corn on the cob is one I stand in line for.
Saturday, June 27, Motor City Youth Theatre 25th Anniversary Celebration. 25 years of providing theatre experience and lessons to students from throughout Michigan and the mid-West.

Saturday, June 27, Livonia Garden Walk benefiting Greenmead Village featuring five gardens from 10:00 -- 4:00. Get your tickets at Greenmead, each of the Livonia libraries, city hall or any member of the Friends of Greenmead.
Sunday, June 28, Livonia Rotary Spree Run.

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