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The typewriter is on the road again. No phone. No computer. Just a car. And a book. Lots of smiles. Enjoying Kentucky, Georgia and North Carolina but this Englishman will return in time for the Motor City Irish Festival at our Livonia Greenmead Village. June 17, 18, 19. I'm telling you. All roads do lead to our historic, downtown hometown.
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Learning Livonia's Past. Understanding Livonia's Present.
Class of 2010--Former School Board President & Inductee
Dr. Ed Katz
Every year the date of the annual 1835 Livonia City Hall of Fame is circled bright red on the calendar of many Livonia residents. This year is no exception--Thursday, October 6, 7:00 P.M.

The Induction Ceremony has been the gathering place for an incredible community of creative thinkers and innovators, the source of so much of what has been given to Livonia since our incorporation as a Township in 1835 and as a City in 1950.

The efforts of those inducted have helped create a sustainable
Engebretson with dad joyner
Inductees Jack Engebretson (2010) and Richard Joyner (2005) sharing thoughts at an early induction ceremony.
hometown of which we are all proud and helped spread the word on the quality of life of our hometown. Some stay and some move on, but their roots were firmly planted in Livonia.

Please join your hometown and our esteemed friends from Livonia at the 1835 Livonia City Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony on Thursday, October 6th. We will gather to advance the work and continue the recognition of leaders who have dedicated a portion of their existence to bettering a town they live in or work in.

Building Livonia's Future. 1835 Livonia City Hall of Fame.

Sense. Feel. Cultivate. Enjoy every aspect of Livonia. If earth's great treasure lies in human
Class of 2009-The late Judge James Mies represented by his son Jerry and his grandson
personality then Livonia is a rich community indeed. The personality of this hometown was formed and shaped from the first farmer planting seeds in the fertile soil of Livonia Township. To recognize the work put into building the foundation of a long lasting, stable community the 1835 City Hall of Fame was established with the Inaugural Class being inducted in 2005.

Everyone who has lived, shopped or played in Livonia should give pause to thank those who gave of their time and energy so that those who call Livonia home will have that opportunity to enjoy the institutions already in place, the culture defined and the heritage appreciated.

The 1835 Livonia City Hall of Fame is conferred on those whose vision helped shape a community of which we are proud.
Livonia Hall of Fame 4 2011
Class of 2011- Inductee
Charlie Mahoney

This commission given to the those hardworking founders carries with it a recognition that their work and deeds have advanced the good name, image and reputation of a hometown
Inductee Laura Callow
Class of 2011
built with a desire to redefine community; engaging citizens, creating traditions and institutions of which we can all be proud. Their singular efforts will forever be recorded as playing a significant role in challenging future generations to raise the bar of excellence.

This commission carries with it a responsibility to be Livonia's continued ambassador of good will and fellowship around the world.
Excel in Livonia
1835 Livonia City
Hall of Fame

Class of 2015
Laura Toy, Carol Strom, Alan Helmkamp, Friends of Greenmead, Livonia YMCA, Janet Haas, Joe Neussendorfer, Carl Riegal

Class of 2014
Jerry Smith, Steve King, Livonia Heart Fund, Livonia Civic Chorus, Harry Tatigian, Dr. Conway Jeffress, Sr. Rose Marie Kujawa

Class of 2013
Joan McCotter, Bill Bresler, Mary Dumas, Janet Welch, Robert Nash, AlphaUSA, Friends of the
Wilson Barn

Class of 2012
Hall of Fame 2012
Bill Brown Ford, Felician Sisters
Livonia Rotary Club, Marge Roach
Robert Bishop, Alice Gunderson
Francesco Di Blasi, Livonia Youth Symphony

Class of 2011
Charlie Mahoney, Laura Callow,
Harvey Moelke, Midge Ellis, Livonia Town Hall St. Mary Mercy Hospital, Orchard, Hiltz & McCliment (OHM)

Class of 2010

Richard McDowell, James McCann, Keith Geiger, Ed Katz
Bill Heaton, Lee Morrow, Jack Engebretson, Joe Taylor,
Edgar Oren Durfee

Class of 2009
James Mies, Lyn Bankes, Bob Dietiker, Rosina Raymond, Stan Anderson, Sue Rosiek, Friends of the Library, Alfred Noble, Sheldon Land Company

Class of 2008
Dan Andrew, Bill LaPine,
Harry Greenleaf, Paul Kadish, Sheila Taormina, Joe and Jane Soltesz,
William Brashear, Paul Chandler, John Vroman, Conrad Gniewek

Class of 2007
Lee Landes, Fernon Feenstra, Sam Prisk, Louis Schmidt, Sister Mary Giovanni, Rudy Kleinert, Bill Warren, Ron Upton, Sister Mary Francilene

Class of 2006
Dr. Don Friedrichs, Jack Kirksey, Patrick Duggan, Joan Duggan, Mike Duggan, Debra Bonde, Alexander Blue, Ken Bourgon, Electra Stamelos, Sue Daniel, Bill Fried, Peter Ventura

Class of 2005
Ira Wilson, Alexander McKinney, George Nelson Benley , Mable Ault, Jesse Ziegler, Ben Yates, Dr. Maxwell Stewart, Richard Joyner, Geraldine Joyner, John Dufour, Edward H. McNamara, Phil Power, Bob and Janet Bennett

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Art in the Park
365 days a year.
The Month of June

Livonia's Fine Arts Gallery
on the second floor of the Bennett Civic Center Library

Birmingham Society of
Women Painters

City Hall Foyer Gallery
The Visual Arts Association of Livonia's Spring 2016 Exhibit
Joyner Highway

June 9
The typewriter is off in Farmville North Carolina

June 9
3:00 - 8:00
MOD Pizza fundraiser for the Kiwanis Key Club

June 10
All day
Bob Bennett Memorial Classic
Benefiting Livonia Symphony Orchestra

June 12
9 - 5

29th Annual Wilson Barn Antique and Hot Rod Show

June 12
Passport to Safety at the public safety campus around the Livonia police and fire stations on Farmington Road south of Five Mile.

June 15 @ 7:00
Greenleaf Commission on Sustainability
Bennett Library

June 17, 18, 19
Greenmead Village hosts the Motor City Irish Fest

June 17 @ 8:00
The Ghosts of
Spoon River
Motor City Youth Theatre
June 20 @ 11:00
Randy Kaplan
Children's Music at Rotary Park
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To get your Livonia Michigan sticker simply send $2.00 to 18720 Blue Skies, 48152. Check (made out to Think Ink) or cash. The sticker will be mailed to you the same day. Two stickers for $3.50. Three stickers for $5.00.
Livonia's Art District is a unique, nationally known art and cultural collaboration with over 15 organizations promoting and supporting the arts, history and culture in this thriving suburban hometown.

Click on the names. Find out more.

1835 Livonia City Hall of Fame
Class of 2016
Hall of Fame 2013 The typewriter's family, Richard-Geraldine-Bill & Bob, moved into Livonia the last day of the year, 1959. Memories were shaped. Traditions were forged. For the family, our neighborhood, our hometown.

While some live in the past and the typewriter is guilty of that all too often, Livonia is not a city relying solely on yesterday.
Hall of Fame 2013
Livonia is a city with a foundation built for the future. Strong property values. Dynamic quality of life. Downtown communities in every section of Livonia.

Foundations built by those inducted into the 1835 Livonia City Hall of Fame.

Livonia goes beyond K-12. Livonia is K-16 with some of the best schools at every level.

Livonia is not only housing. Livonia is open space with some of the best recreation facilities in Michigan.

Livonia is not only buildings. Livonia is people. Wide-ranging housing stock. Stable neighborhoods. Seniors giving back. Young families moving in.

For all of this, we need to take a step back, give pause to reflect, smile while acknowledging those who worked in what we call the past so that we might enjoy the present and prepare for the future.

Because of those we honor in the 1835 Livonia City Hall of Fame Class of 2016, Livonia has become a suburban escape, with many inviting reasons to call it home.

This year's inductees are the foundation that keeps on bringing people to Livonia, the town that is the heartbeat of Michigan.
1835 Livonia City Hall of Fame
Class of 2016
Induction Ceremony Thursday, October 6
Master of Ceremonies
State Representative Laura Cox
Hall of Fame Founder R. William Joyner
Acceptance of the Class
on behalf of the citizens of Livonia
Kathleen McIntyre, President, City Council
led by Zoning Board of Appeals member
Tim Klisz

David Spivey
St. Mary Mercy Hospital
To be introduced by
Councilwoman Maureen Miller Brosnan
Judge Tim Kenny
Timothy Kenny
Presiding Judge Criminal Division
Wayne County Circuit Court
To be introducced by
Livonia Bar Association President
Councilman Jim Jolly

Dennis Wright
City of Livonia
To be introduced by
Livonia City Treasurer Lynda Scheel

Richard Gaskill
University of Michigan
Marching Band Photographer
To be introduced by
Hall of Fame Inductee Class of 2013
Photographer Bill Bresler
Livonia Junior Athletic League
Children's athletic leagues since 1957
LPS Performing arts magnet program
To be introduced by
Livonia School Trustee Liz Jarvis
Livonia, offering insight while helping keep the issues in sight

Jim Berbrich a Marine retired from Dow Chemical Company in Midland Michigan, now living in Livonia: Thank you, Bill, for such a quick response to what turned out to be one of the best days of my life, and one I could share with my daughter, Gretchen Alaniz. From when we woke up at 4:30 AM until the day wound down about 10 PM, it was surprise after surprise put on by people who so obviously were doing what they wanted to do, and were very good at. It was a day that flowed from one thoughtful event to the next by volunteers, and joined at every step with people who just happened to be there, and joined in.
It was amazing and touching. I will never forget it..
Tim Kenny, Presiding Judge Criminal Division, Wayne County Circuit Court: Thank you very much for the honor of being selected to the Class of 2016 . I know I am in very distinguished company .

For the past 21 years , my wife June and I have been delighted to call Livonia our home. One is hard pressed to find any other community with so many residents dedicated to serving others and improving the cultural, educational and leisure time opportunities for all.

We are blessed to call Livonia our home.
Jerry Tiernan, LJAL President: It's an honor for the LJAL to be selected to the Hall. We look forward to the October ceremony.
Dave Spivey, CEO, St. Mary Mercy Hospital: Wow! I Dave Spivey am deeply honored to be recognized through this award. I find myself at a loss for words, when I think of those who have received this honor in the past. Please thank the committee for their consideration and know I have put the evening on my calendar. Thanks again and I look forward to seeing you soon.

Betsy Calhoun, Livonia Greenleaf Commission: we would certainly welcome you any time you'd like to come to a meeting (I will doubtless keep hounding you until you do!).

Thursday, June 9,
Key Club Pizza
The Key Club of Livonia - high school students who do community service projects - will have their first ever fundraiser next week. They are doing a dine out event at MOD Pizza on 7 Mile and Haggerty, 3PM-8PM. The flyer is right here, but you can participate without it. Just tell the MOD employees that you are there for the Key Club.
Livonia enjoying theatre excellence
Our Livonia Motor City Youth Theatre continues to excel. Only this time the theatre production is put on by the Motor City Adult Players.

They are offering up The Ghosts of Spoon River an original production with monologues, scenes and music, based on the writings of Edgar Lee Masters.

Masters built a successful law practice, and for eight years he was the partner of Clarence Darrow. Writing was what he wanted and he excelled by combining free verse, epitaph, realism, and cynicism to write Spoon River Anthology, a collection of monologues from the dead in an Illinois graveyard. In 1915. Spoon River Anthology was wildly successful, going through several editions and becoming one of the most popular books of poetry in the history of American literature.

You can get your tickets for only $5 at the door, or reserve seats at EVENTBRITE for performances June 17 and June 18 at 8 PM at the Motor City Theatre on Grantland.




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