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You gotta love our
Livonia Symphony

Livonia Symphony Orchestra Recital

Sunday February 1st at 3:00
Ania Sorokhei Piano Trio
St. Paul's Presbyterian Church 27475 Five Mile Road

You gotta love
those building Livonia

Dave Spivey
St. Mary Mercy Hospital
Dennis Wright
Livonia City Treasurer
Chuck Dardas
Alpha USA
Sr. Rose Marie Kujawa
Madonna University
Dr. Conway Jeffress
Schoolcraft College

Peggy Gaskill
Nancy Florkowski
Debra Bonde
Virginia Bosak
Sue Poster
Melissa Pilzner
Ann Owen
Stacey Dogonski
Joe Neussendorfer
Making it happen

Janice Newsome
Hall of Fame
Class of 2014

Dr. Conway Jeffress
President, Schoolcraft College

Sister Rose Marie Kujawa
CSSF, PhD-President,
Madonna University

Dr. Jerry Smith
retired Livonia Public
School teacher

Harry Tatigian
retired Livonia City Attorney

Livonia Civic Chorus
community non-profit

Steve King
founder, Steve King and the Dittilies

Livonia Heart Fund
community philanthropic organization

Class of 2013

Friends of the Wilson Barn
Mary Dumas, Jan Welch
Bill Bresler, Joan McCotter
Robert Nash, Alpha USA

Class of 2012

Bill Brown Ford, Felician Sisters
Livonia Rotary Club,
Marge Roach,Robert Bishop
Alice Gunderson
Francesco Di Blasi
Livonia Youth Symphony

Class of 2011

Charlie Mahoney, Laura Callow,
Harvey Moelke, Midge Ellis, Livonia Town Hall St. Mary Mercy Hospital, Orchard, Hiltz & McCliment (OHM)
Class of 2010

Richard McDowell, James McCann, Keith Geiger, Ed Katz
Bill Heaton, Lee Morrow,
Jack Engebretson
Joe Taylor, Edgar Oren Durfee

Class of 2009

James Mies, Lyn Bankes, Bob Dietiker, Rosina Raymond, Stan Anderson, Sue Rosiek, Friends of the Library, Alfred Noble, Sheldon Land Company

Class of 2008

Dan Andrew, Bill LaPine, Harry Greenleaf, Paul Kadish, Sheila Taormina, Joe and Jane Soltesz, William Brashear,Paul Chandler, John Vroman, Conrad Gniewek
Class of 2007

Lee Landes, Fernon Feenstra, Sam Prisk, Louis Schmidt, Sister Mary Giovanni, Rudy Kleinert, Bill Warren, Roland Upton, Sister Mary Francilene

Class of 2006

Dr. Don Friedrichs, Jack Kirksey, Patrick Duggan, Joan Duggan, Mike Duggan, Debra Bonde, Alexander Blue, Ken Bourgon, Electra Stamelos, Sue Daniel, Bill Fried, Peter Ventura

Class of 2005

Ira Wilson, Alexander McKinney, George Nelson Benley , Mable Ault, Jesse Ziegler, Ben Yates, Dr. Maxwell Stewart,
Richard & Geraldine Joyner,
John Dufour, Phil Power
Edward H. McNamara,
Bob and Janet Bennett
Presenting Sponsor of the 1835 Livonia City Hall of Fame
Hardies ad
All roads for artists lead to Livonia
A sample of the work of Virginia Bosak

Rosa Paulus, Virginia Bosak, Diana Jamrog and Laraine Walowich will be exhibiting
their art at the Livonia City Hall from February 2, 2015 thru February 26.
A sample of the work of Rosa Paulus

The Livonia City Hall is open from
8:30 - 5:00 Monday thru Friday. The art exhibit is located in the lobby.

Livonia is fortunate to be able to feature a number of talented artists as they display their works of art at various venues around the city.

One day the culture in Livonia will have our elected leaders and economic development folks working in concert with our homegrown artists to have businesses throughout Livonia displaying talented and award winning art from artisans making a living from their special skill set.

Art drives an economic engine, attracts creative young people to a vibrant community and helps define quality of life.

Virginia Bosak, Livonia, describes her "love of art" as a lifelong journey, with watercolor being her passion. "When I found VAAL over 12 years ago, I became serious about it. Volunteering with VAAL and the Livonia Arts Commission helps me share my enjoyment of the arts."

Rosa Paulus, Northville member of Livonia's VAAL is an artist who began the "art experience" after retirement. "Art is another facet of my creativity - as I am a professional pianist, also. My Italian background plays a big part in my art experience, as does life itself."
Musings loves this home cooking
Agenda for our next Mayor
Guy Lundy, has been a CEO of a business think-tank representing 48 major corporations that brings together key stakeholders to develop and implement a long-term vision for sustainable, inclusive economic growth. His ideas for making a city successful provide some tips that should be a part of any platform for the next Mayor of Livonia:

Talent: Developing, attracting and retaining talent.
Distinctiveness: Understanding what makes our Livonia community distinctive and then having the confidence to capitalize on it.
Connections: Connecting citizens to opportunity, the city to the region and the region to the global economy.

Innovation: Developing the capacity for innovation.

Every candidate needs to provide detailed ideas, seek out suggestions, engage citizens.
He calls these the City Vitals. Of the City Vitals, talent is the first among equals. If you have that, a lot of other good things can follow. But without enough of it you're in trouble.
Livonia has two premier schools of higher education. Add to that the number of resident Dr's coming in each year to St. Mary Mercy hospital. We are talking people who are receiving a degree or have received multiple degrees.
Friends, this is the market we need to develop. Keeping this talent pool in Livonia by selling them on the distinctiveness of our hometown, helping them realize the connections they can make and that we value their innovative skills.
So much more. But we have 10 months until the election to find out what our candidates have to offer. I'm up to it. Are you?
Livonia's Phoenix Theatre
Phoenix endorsement
Livonia: leading the way historically

Michigan became a state in 1837. Michigan derived its name from the Indian word "Ojibwa" meaning "large lake."

In 1835, when an act of territorial legislature set the boundaries of Livonia Township, a forested wilderness had become an area of prosperous dairy farms & fruit orchards.
Livonia's best furniture store
Known for quality for over 30 years
Seedlings, Art Cole, Livonia Lions, Livonia Builders and Valassis partner with Dave Rexroth. Count you in?
Seedlings Braille Books for Children is excited to announce that Dave Rexroth, Channel 7 Chief Meteorologist, will be Seedlings' celebrity bowler at our March 21st Bowling for Braille Books event.
Just as Dave brings his engaging smile and special brand of humor to his Channel 7 forecasts, we're sure he'll do the same at Seedlings' Bowling for Braille Books event. We're excited Dave will be with us!

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