What is the Livonia Hall of Fame?

Every year the date of the annual 1835 Livonia City Hall of Fame is circled bright red on the calendar of many Livonia residents. This year is no exception–on the first Thursday in October.

The Induction Ceremony has been the gathering place for an incredible community of creative thinkers and innovators, the source of so much of what has been given to Livonia since our incorporation as a Township in 1835 and as a City in 1950.

The efforts of those inducted have helped create a sustainable hometown of which we are all proud.

Please join us and our esteemed friends from Livonia at the 1835 Livonia City Hall of Fame Induction. We gather to advance the work and continue the recognition of leaders who have dedicated a portion of their existence to bettering a town they live in or work in.

Livonia is a great hometown

Sense. Feel. Cultivate. Enjoy every aspect of Livonia. If earth’s great treasure lies in human personality then Livonia is a rich community indeed. The personality of this hometown was formed and shaped from the first farmer planting seeds in the fertile soil of Livonia Township. To recognize the work put into building the foundation of a long lasting, stable community the 1835 City Hall of Fame was established with the Inaugural Class being inducted in 2005.

Everyone who has lived, shopped or played in Livonia should give pause to thank those who gave of their time and energy so that those who call Livonia home will have that opportunity to enjoy the institutions already in place, the culture defined and the heritage appreciated.

The 1835 Livonia City Hall of Fame is conferred on those whose vision helped shape a community of which we are proud.

This commission given to the those hardworking founders carries with it a recognition that their work and deeds have advanced the good name, image and reputation of a hometown built with a desire to redefine community; engaging citizens, creating traditions and institutions of which we can all be proud. Their singular efforts will forever be recorded as playing a significant role in challenging future generations to raise the bar of excellence. This commission carries with it a responsibility to be Livonia’s continued ambassador of good will and fellowship around the world.